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How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Winter: Living Room Floors

Everyone wants to avoid getting cold feet, but that’s tricky during the winter. One of the best ways to reduce your discomfort is by picking the best materials for your living room floor. Warmer ground means warmer toes. Here’s a guide on how to keep your feet warm in winter by choosing the best living room floors.

The Bad Choices

Whether you’ve ever thought about this subject or not, you should have an instinct about the types of flooring that won’t work. It’s anything that feels cool to the touch. That’s not a random response but rather the receptors in your lower extremities notifying you that the surface isn’t ideal for continued warmth.

Floorings such as laminate and tile are great during the spring and summer when you want to stay cool. During the late fall and winter, however, all they’ll do is magnify the problem of cold feet. When you live in a region with lots of below-freezing temperatures, you’ll regret such materials, and wood is just as bad. It contracts during the winter, which can lead to cracks in your flooring. Cold weather will waft through those holes, causing the ground to feel frigid.

Fixing the Problem

How to Keep Warm in the Winter: Living Room Floors

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If you already own laminate and don’t want to spend money on new flooring, there are ways you can heat the ground. The cheapest way is to add area rugs to your living space. This way, you avoid direct contact with the cold laminate.

Two other options involve the nature of laminate. It possesses enough thermal conductivity that it’ll stay warm after heating. By setting your thermostat high enough to increase the floor temperature, you can make the laminate warm to the touch. The same strategy will work if you start a fire in the fireplace. Note that both options are more expensive in terms of energy and materials than area rugs, though.

Heating Your Pad

Understanding how to keep feet warm in winter requires a bit of knowledge and even more strategy. People with larger budgets can address the problem permanently. The best way to keep feet warm is a radiant floor heating pad.

A new product called ThermoFloor turns any type of surface into a heated floor. It’s a thermal insulation that also reduces energy costs. The rationale is the inverse of the problem above. By heating the ground more efficiently, you expend less energy on your thermostat. Plus, you’ll never have to worry that your feet are freezing.

How does ThermoFloor work? It’s a pre-cut type of material that will rest under your current flooring. The fabric includes a self-heating system within each piece. You duct-tape this material with your regular flooring, and it’ll provide a constant amount of warmth for years to come. Better yet, it’s easy to install. ThermoFloor is a popular choice on DIY programs for this reason. Even amateurs with no prior installation experience can improve the warmth of their floors while saving on energy.

Nobody wants to have cold feet. That’s exactly why the idiom exists. By following the suggestions above, you can guarantee that walking across your living room floor is comfortable, even when you’ve got bare feet.

Did these tips help you stay warm this winter? Tell us in the comments section.

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