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Living Room Renovation FAQs

Does your living room need more than a fresh coat of paint? Renovating one of the rooms where you spend most of your time doesn’t have to be a trying experience. Read our living room renovation FAQ below to learn how to improve your living conditions and your home’s resale value.

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The Most Common Living Room Renovation Questions, Answered

How long will it take to remodel the living room?

The degree of renovations you require will dictate the length of your home’s remodel. If you plan to do everything from knocking down walls and an old fireplace to adding an extension in living space, expect a 60-day project. If your aims are more modest, you could complete it in as little as 15 days. Thirty to 45 days is a realistic window for most projects.

How much will it cost to remodel?

The size of your living room is the primary factor in determining the expected cost. The first thing you need to do is measure the area’s square footage. For construction, you should anticipate a cost of at least $1.25 per square foot, with $1.75 as the upper limit. So, a 400-square-foot living room would cost between $500 and $700 to renovate. Other potential costs include carpet or hardwood flooring, wall and ceiling treatments, new windows and lighting, and shelving. The more you change, the more it will cost.

Where you live also affects the numbers, since materials availability is a factor. If you have ample supplies nearby, you’ll pay less than if you have to add extensive shipping costs. Try to find a respected retailer known for low prices including shipping.

What about flooring?

The primary advantage of carpet is that it’s cheaper and easier to install. If money is an issue, and you don’t have children or indoor pets, carpet is a great option. Unfortunately, it also stains easily and retains odors, which means if you do have children or pets, a couple of mishaps can ruin the entire appearance of your living room.

Hardwood flooring costs more to install for those on a tighter short-term budget. It’s durable and actually adds structural strength, which beyond its undeniable beauty is why it is sought after.. Beyond real hardwood, there are also many wood-grain options to choose from, giving you more control over the new appearance of your living room. These include engineered wood floors that feature only a layer of hardwood veneer. And it includes laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, cork, and even wood grain pattern tile flooring that is almost indistinguishable from real wood.

Flooring for living rooms represents a wide range of options to suit all kinds of aesthetic needs and budgets.

What type of lighting will I need?

If you’re expanding your living space, you’ll also need to add lighting. Even if you don’t, cast a critical eye at your current situation. Is there enough light in all parts of the room? Do you want there to be, or would you prefer a more romantic vibe with softer lighting? Consider a solution that can address multiple needs. Overhead, recessed lighting will give you the ability to decide your own level of illumination through the bulb wattage you choose.

Budget, Space, and Your Personal Needs

When planning a living room renovation, what matters most is your budget. After that, it comes down to space requirements and your personal needs, which may vary from those of others. Using the information above, you can transform your current space into the room of your dreams.

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