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About Mosaic Tile

From an interior design standpoint, it’s hard to argue that there’s a more alluring material for your home than mosaic tile. Whether you’re looking for a style that will help bring the room together, or want to make an area of your house stand out above the rest, installing mosaics can help put an exclamation mark on your decorative plans. What’s important to know with mosaics is that there are multiple variations of materials and formats that can provide the right aesthetic you’re looking for. From natural stone to metal, glass and ceramics, mosaics offer ample opportunity to create a distinct tone and look that’s destined to last you for many years. Take a look at the variations of mosaic tile and how they can help your home look its best:

What are mosaic tiles?

Mosaics have long been used as a creative way to piece together an elaborate work of art or pattern. The term mosaic essentially means a design that is comprised of many smaller pieces of tile. They can come in a wide variety of patterns and colors, which makes mosaic tiles one of the more accessible surfaces on the market for drawing more attention to a wall or countertop.

Mosaic tiles can make any bathroom look more modern. Mosaic tiles can make any bathroom look more modern.

Natural stone mosaic

Arguably the original mosaic surface, natural stone mosaics have been used for interior decorating purposes for thousands of years in cultures all around the world. This type of texture creates a more down-to-earth feel in your home, whether it be through adding some multi-colored pebbles in your bathroom or a polished marble surface on your living room wall. Natural stone mosaics are also crafted to endure, never losing their alluring appeal through years of usage. Choosing a particular design or pattern with natural stone mosaics is extremely easy with all the incredible options available.

Metal mosaic

Homeowners looking for a slightly more industrial and sophisticated appearance for their home should consider looking into metal mosaic tile surfaces. The striking sheen you’ll have from a countertop or wall crafted out of metal mosaic tile is undeniably elegant, as the reflective surface disperses natural light throughout the room. Metal mosaics have a more modern feel to them, and also can be purchased in a variety of patterns, such as checkerboard or honeycomb, that create an enticing design to look at. Metal mosaics are also considered one of the more low-maintenance mosaic surface options, as its moisture- and stain-resistant characteristics make it work perfectly in heavily used areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Metal mosaics can enhance both the style and the durability of your space.

Glass mosaic

“Even the ancient Romans used glass mosaic tile surfaces.”

It says a lot about a material when it is still one of the more popular decorative surfaces in the world after thousands of years of use. Glass mosaic is such a tile, as even the ancient Romans took advantage of the beauty and value evident in this material. Homeowners have many options when it comes to selecting a glass mosaic pattern, and the range of colors and styles continues to make the material an excellent choice for a backsplash surface. As with metal mosaics, glass mosaic tiles are renowned for their ability to withstand moisture and stains. And, because the material is so durable, you can rest assured it will last after installation for many years ahead.

Glass & stone blend mosaic

Combing the best of both worlds, glass and stone blend mosaics offer a unique look that will make any room in your house pop. Made from a range of materials that can include ceramic and porcelain, metal and natural stones, these mosaics will introduce a highly texturized and modern focal point to your interior design scheme. A perfect match with stainless steel and wood elements, the endless color and material combinations allow you to create a truly original look. Because these mosaics are made from resilient materials, they will stand the test of time as well.

Ceramic & porcelain mosaic

A must-have material for any modern home, ceramic and porcelain mosaic tiles provide the interior of your house with its own unique personality. With a choice of colors and finishes, ceramic mosaic tiles can help achieve any look, whether it’s a retro feel or a more updated, professional environment. Because they’re extremely water-resistant, ceramic mosaic tiles have commonly been used in renovated bathrooms, adding more culture to a room through their radiance. These tiles are also ideal for kitchen countertops, because of their proven resistance to moisture and stains.

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