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Bathroom Renovation FAQs

Bathroom renovations are a key means to increase functionality and comfort at home, as well as home value. Here are some of the bathroom remodeling FAQs to help you get started on creating the bathroom you’re envisioning.

Mina Rustic Antique Pattern Brushed, Chiseled, and Partially Filled

Mina Rustic Antique Pattern Brushed, Chiseled, and Partially Filled travertine tile flooring from BuildDirect.

What’s the difference between renovating and remodeling?

Renovating your bathroom is a less invasive home makeover. You may replace a sink or bathtub, but your changes are modest. Remodeling occurs when you dislike the current bathroom so much that you plan to get rid of virtually everything.

How long will a full bathroom renovation or remodel take?

You can complete renovations that don’t involve plumbing, rewiring, or tiling in as little as two days. Even a significant change should take no more than a week.

The length of time for remodeling varies, depending on the number of people on the construction crew and the size of the bathroom. They’ll need to spend a day on demolition, a day on electrical wiring and plumbing, and another day on new insulation and drywall.

Behind-the-scenes changes alone require at least three days, twice that if you do it yourself. A reasonable expectation for the complete overhaul of an average-sized bathroom is two weeks. Expect longer if you prefer bathroom equipment and materials that are not in stock.

What type of tile should I use for my bathroom floor and shower?

Your choice depends on personal preference. There are numerous materials and styles that will suit your needs. Selecting the best one requires you to identify what’s most important. Does the room receive a lot of light? How much foot traffic will the bathroom receive?

Torino Flexible Italian Porcelain Tile - Rustic Sequoia Collection Sierra Earth

Torino Flexible Italian Porcelain Wood Grain Tile – Rustic Sequoia Collection Sierra Earth from BuildDirect.

Answering these questions will help you decide. Note that glass tile is great for walls and backsplashes, while ceramic tile is cheaper and a better solution for damper areas of the house. If money is no object, porcelain is one of the best looking tiles. Finally, stone tile is the best option if you want a neutral appearance.

How much lighting will I need?

If you’ve ever lived in a home with poorly lit bathrooms, you understand how important lighting is. A single ceiling fixture is not enough. You’ll want enough lighting that allows you to shave, apply makeup, and shower. Consider vanity lighting and a secondary source for your shower area.

Do I need more bathroom ventilation?

A lack of proper ventilation in your bathroom increases the likelihood of mildew and mold. You should install a bathroom fan of one CFM (cubic feet per minute) per square foot. Simply tell your contractor that it’s your preference, and you’ll protect your new bathroom from natural fungi.

Why is replacing a tile shower so costly?

This is one of the most expensive changes you can make in your bathroom. The reason is that you’re not only adding new tile but also securing it beforehand. You’ll need to treat the surrounding area to guarantee a tight water seal and proper drainage. Consider the initial expense a precaution to avoid a larger one if your tile shower functions improperly. That is the costliest bathroom repair, so you have to prevent it.

Updating your bathroom will improve your daily life while increasing the value of your home. Research all the potential improvements and determine which one is best for you.























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  1. I agree with the author here that completing a full bathroom remodel can take over 2 weeks, given the due diligence was taken for proper planning to prevent time frame disruptions.

    I love the Italian Porcelain Wood Grain Tile in the photo! We need to incorporate that into our next project.

  2. I’d like to renovate my bathroom in the next few years. I like how you include a timeline for your remodeling service. I’ll have to keep in mind that a remodel should take between two days to a week. I’m sure it can be hard for a family to be down a bathroom. Getting things remodeled quickly and operational again is probably an important factor when choosing a contractor.

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