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How To Achieve Different Looks With Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles can be made of many materials, come in a range of colors and textures, and can be arranged in different ways. As you can tell, you have many options. Whether you’re installing mosaic tiles for a stylish backsplash or a sleek bath surround, you can give your interior design a defined look. But how are you supposed to know which materials, cuts and colors to use to get the look you’re after? Here’s a guide to help you select the ideal mosaic tiles for your interior design tastes:


Looking to create a modern kitchen or bathroom? The mosaic tiles you select will make a difference. Modern interior design is defined by clean lines and simple embellishments. Materials matter too, as modern homes often use glass, wood and metal, though other types can be modern.

When picking mosaic tiles for your modern home, keep those features in mind. For instance, choose a basic rectangular tile. Large tiles are especially trendy now, and will give your home a sleek feel. Often called subway tiles, large, rectangular pieces are stylish.

Metal mosaic tiles are unique and use a material often found in modern homes. For an ultra-modern look, forgo common squares and rectangles and opt for other geometric shapes instead. For instance, hexagons are popular right now, and their angular look is very appealing. Very thin, long strips of glass tiles also look uncluttered and serene.

mosaic tile stylesFrom unique backslashes to accent walls, mosaic tile is stylish.


Not into the sleek look of high-end modern design? Classic interiors might be more for you, and you’re sure to find mosaic tiles that fit the bill. Porcelain, ceramic, glass and stone tiles can all form beautiful and timeless mosaics.

Simple squares, rectangles, and some woven and hexagonal shapes are indicative of classic design. Rich colors, like cream, gold, black and natural stone, are all in style no matter when you install them.


Retro mosaic tiles can give your home a vintage look that also has a contemporary feel. Subway tiles and geometric patterns (such as herringbone and checkered) are popular in modern construction, but have a definite origin in vintage homes. As such, they are a great way to tie together a space that includes both antiques and updated features.

Glass, stone and porcelain all help a vintage arrangement and can feel either strictly retro or updated, so pick your material accordingly.

What’s in style now?

No matter what kind of interior design style you like, you can incorporate it into your home along with current trends. Here’s a look at what’s in right now to help inspire you as you plan your mosaic tile installation:

“Glass mosaic tiles are incredibly versatile.”

Glass mosaic tiles: Glass is a versatile material, which has made it popular for interior design. You can pick just about any color you can imagine and cut the pieces to unique specifications. From large squares to tiny rectangles, glass tiles can become whatever style you like. Also, they’re easy to clean, resist moisture and mold, and are long-lasting.

Specialty shapes: Want to design outside of the box? You can! Specialty shaped mosaic tiles are popular right now, and homes and businesses are making the most of it. From oval stone tiles to octagonal metal to elaborate curving shapes, the possibilities are endless.

Soft finish: High-gloss tiles used to be a hot design choice, but now interior designers and homeowners are more often choosing semi-gloss and matte finishes to make a statement.

Wood look: Putting wood planks on a bathroom wall may look cool, but it’s hard to maintain. Porcelain is much better suited to wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens, so manufacturers have made tiles that look like wood. Builders have seen the merit in choosing wood look porcelain, as the material is durable and moisture-resistant.

What style of mosaic tiles do you like best for your home? 

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