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Need Inspiration? Check Out These Bathroom Surround Design Ideas

With the constant influx of exciting new tile options on the market, the only thing limiting your bathroom remodel and tile surround is your imagination. Glass mosaics, subway tiles, and natural stones are just a few of the trendy materials showing up in today’s most stylish baths. If you’re looking for ideas to transform a boring bath, check out these great ideas to use tile to create a luxurious retreat.

Use Varying Sizes and Shapes


Don’t limit yourself to a single tile or material when designing your bath. For an elegant, refined tonal look, mix large 12 by 12 inch tiles and tiny inch-square tiles in complementary hues; add visual interest with a single row of contrasting accent tiles. Metallic tiles are one of this year’s hottest bath design trends; mix bronze and copper tiles with subtle slate walls and rich wood-look floors for a sumptuous spa-like bath.

Get Inspired by Nature


Bring the great outdoors into your bath with stone and slate-look porcelain tiles and plenty of natural light. Tiles made of real pebbles and river stones make wonderful shower floors and add down to earth accents to walls and floors; these are available in mesh-backed tiles that are easy for DIYers to cut and install. Finish the natural look with lush green potted plants, rustic copper fixtures, and wood grain floors.

Add a Splash of Subway Glass


Sleek, shiny subway glass tiles are turning up everywhere, and they’re a natural choice for the bath. Add a contrasting row of modern glass tiles in a rustic slate shower for an eye-catching pop. You can also use subway glass tiles to recreate the crisp black and white baths of the Art Deco era; a narrow rounded glass chair rail in pale green or cool aqua completes the 1920s glamour look.

Mix in Mosaics


Bathroom mosaics have been in vogue since Roman times and they’re back with a vengeance in today’s modern baths. An all-white bath with a striking mosaic accent makes a very sophisticated statement. Some manufacturers make 12-inch mosaic tiles inlaid with beautiful patterns and designs for a professional look you can install yourself. Look for ultra trendy glass and stone blend mosaics for an up-to-the-minute bathroom design.

Play with Patterns


Conventional wisdom says pick one pattern and stick with it, but you can add a lot of architectural interest to a boxy bath by mixing patterns in complementary colors and styles. Alternate sections of running bond pattern with sections of herringbone or checkerboard. Frame a row of square accent tiles with a row of narrow rectangular tiles. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tile materials and colors to get design a bathroom that expresses your personal style.

Tile surrounds anchor your bath and tie all the elements together into a cohesive design whole. If you’re thinking of installing a new tile surround, take inspiration from these ideas and turn loose your creative side.

What kind of tiles are you thinking of for your bath or shower surround?

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