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Bedroom Flooring Options Other Than Carpet

When it comes to bedroom flooring options, carpet tends to be the general choice for homeowners who are hesitant about which material to choose. While carpet will always remain a popular option for bedroom flooring, there are many other valuable surfaces available that possess the same or different flooring advantages for your bedroom. From finding materials that are easier for installation to owning a more versatile floor that can balance a vivid appearance with durability, take a look at some other styles of flooring that are also excellent options for accompanying the bedroom.

Our Favorite Bedroom Flooring Options

Hardwood floors create a more natural, sophisticated feel to your bedroom.  Hardwood floors create a more natural, sophisticated feel to your bedroom. 





For a look that’s more sophisticated and requires less overall maintenance, hardwood floors are a popular bedroom flooring option that’s practically the opposite style of having carpet installed. The pros of having a hardwood floor begin with its renowned maintenance qualities. This harder material won’t require you to spend nearly as much time cleaning and caring for it, and spills or other types of moisture can quickly be wiped up without damage.

There’s also a lot of room for visual customization when it comes to a hardwood floor for the bedroom. For instance, the natural, consistent tone of wood can lead to ample opportunities to add stylish rugs or mats at the foot of your bed or near the entry door. Adding a rug anywhere on your hardwood floor also does wonders for boosting the comfort around your bedroom.

Hardwood floors are also recommended for those who suffer from allergies, as dust, mites or pollens won’t get trapped on this surface and can quickly be washed away. However, the primary drawbacks associated with hardwood floors tend to revolve around noise and insulation issues. Footsteps may start producing creaking sounds as boards expand and contract, and warmth can be harder to trap within the surface during the colder times of the year.

Laminate flooring shares many advantages with hardwood while costing less.”


If you’re interested in the appearance of wood without spending more to obtain its visual and materialistic advantages, then considering laminate flooring may be to your benefit. Laminate flooring is one of the best bedroom flooring options. It comes in a wide variety of colors and tones that produce a more natural looking surface that’s also proven to be one of the most durable and long-lasting types of flooring material out there. You’ll essentially get all the pros of having a hardwood floor, like easy maintenance and water resistance, but at a more budget-friendly price that’s ideal for homeowners mulling over new bedroom flooring.

Laminate also tends to be more abrasion resistant than hardwood flooring, which can appeal to pet owners who expect frequent excitement waking up every morning in the bedroom. The only major concerns for laminate flooring is that it doesn’t boost the overall resale value of a home quite like hardwood can, and cannot be sanded and refinished if any significant damage does occur. But for homeowners interested in premium laminate floors that are exceptionally affordable, laminate flooring definitely provides plenty of bang for your buck.


Versatility is the key trait associated with cork flooring, especially when it comes to owning a more adaptable surface for your bedroom. While it’s known for its natural, wood-like appearance, cork flooring also shares many of the same flooring advantages as carpet. In the vein of carpet flooring, cork is great for reducing noise from foot traffic, due to its shock absorbent traits. This material is also easier on your feet when compared to laminate or hardwood surfaces.

In addition to being extremely durable, resistant to moisture and debris and requiring little maintenance for cleaning, you’ll also find plenty of styles and designs for cork flooring that can match the aesthetic of your bedroom. Cork flooring is also a great option for anyone who has allergies, as it possess several antimicrobial properties that boost its resistance toward various forms of debris and microorganisms.

As for drawbacks, there are only a select few: cork flooring can require a bit more of an investment on a homeowner’s end, so be prepared to spend a little more on cork than you would on other materials. You’ll also want to make sure the surface is sealed at least every five years, to ensure it remains waterproof. Otherwise, cork flooring has grown to become one of the more popular bedroom flooring options for homeowners in recent years.


Bamboo flooring is another material that emulates the appearance of wood without the installation process or maintenance hardwood floors need. You can find many styles of bamboo flooring that come in easy-to-install boards, so you won’t have to mentally prepare yourself for a tiring day of installation. It’s also become a more popular option for bedrooms because of its eco-friendly properties, because it’s derived from natural vegetation, which can help make your home a bit greener. It’s also an extremely affordable surface that can come in a vast range of colors.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right type of surface for your bedroom. But once you’ve weighed all the options to see how each material matches your expectations, you’ll be the proud owner of a new bedroom floor in no time!

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