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About Artificial Turf

While some might view artificial turf as more of a landscaping option for sport stadiums and public parks, this type of synthetic surface is becoming more popular with homeowners interested in the advantages of an alternative lawn. If the thought of limited maintenance, spending and energy required to keep your yard looking authentic and elegant sounds appealing, then learning the benefits of owning artificial turf is definitely in your best interest. From its environmental advantages, to never having to take out the lawn mower again, here’s how artificial turf can better serve your yard:

What is synthetic turf?

Essentially, artificial turf is comprised of an array of synthetic fibers designed to imitate the appearance of grass without all the hard work that goes into achieving a beautiful lawn. You’ll find that most artificial turf products designed for landscaping feature a multi-layered system that allows for efficient water drainage; they’re crafted primarily out of recycled materials ranging from crumb rubber to organic infill. While all products vary, most options will have multiple pads or layers beneath the blade surface, allowing for increased moisture resistance, which, in turn, can boost the longevity of your artificial turf.

Its authentic look and low maintenance make artificial turf a sufficient landscaping option.

Its authentic look and low maintenance qualities make artificial turf a convenient landscaping option.

Why use artificial turf?

There are a variety of reasons more homeowners are finding themselves switching over to artificial turf for their lawn. For starters, let’s begin with the landscaping costs. Sure, some initial investment upfront will be needed to integrate the turf into your lawn, but it won’t take long for you to begin experiencing the savings. Saying goodbye to mowing, weeding, fertilizing and watering your lawn is one of the main appeals to switching over to synthetic turf. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, the maintenance costs for artificial turf are on average two to three times less than for natural grass lawns; occasional cleaning and washing are the only primary expenses of owning synthetic turf.

Endurance is also a rewarding advantage of choosing artificial turf. If your yard is constantly being taken over by kids, pets or other rowdy guests, having a synthetic lawn is what can stand up to the tests of heavy traffic over time. Most artificial turf options are guaranteed to last anywhere between 10 to 20 years, regardless of weather or lawn congestion. Pet-friendly turf options are available that won’t show signs of visual wear from your animal’s messes and won’t retain any foul odors.

Environmental advantages

One of the most renowned environmental benefits to switching over to artificial turf is all the water you’ll save after installation. In fact, the Synthetic Turf Council also reports that certain states offer tax credits and rebates to homeowners who switch over to synthetic turf, due to the significant amount of water conservation.

“Artificial turf means more water conservation for your lawn.”

Artificial turf versus natural grass

When it comes down to it, homeowners interested in spending less time attending to their lawn and more time enjoying it will cherish the benefits of artificial turf. You’ll still have the authentic appearance of natural grass, but without the hassle that goes into maintaining it.

Is artificial turf the right choice for your yard?

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