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About Pavers

It’s easy to take your exterior surfaces for granted, but for homeowners who are truly passionate about the landscaping around their house, installing pavers may be just what can give your front or backyard the inviting and alluring appearance you’re looking for. Pavers are the ideal way to create a more eye-catching surface anywhere outside your home. From rows of colored bricks leading guests to your front door to natural stone pavers that ooze a relaxing ambiance as your backyard patio, these outdoor flooring options will improve the personality and appeal of your home’s exterior features. Take a look at why pavers are a beneficial addition to your house, as well as the many materials they can come in:

Why pavers?

Odds are, your home could use some sort of walkway or exterior flooring to accompany whatever front or backyard accessories or entryways you might have. An extremely customizable landscaping surface, pavers can also be used to upgrade patios, verandas, and driveways. Suitable for outdoor areas with extensive foot traffic, installing a type of paver material can help integrate a design or style that will not only look great, but last you for a long time.

Travertine Pavers in Luxury Backyard Landscape

Travertine pavers are ideal for accompanying your backyard pool or patio.

Benefits of pavers

Installing pavers won’t just spruce up the exterior of your home. For starters, the longevity of pavers is a renowned trait, and after you’ve installed the material of your choosing, you can relax knowing that your pavers require only minimal maintenance season after season. These types of surfaces are also extremely weather-resistant, regardless of whether your yard is subject to immense amounts of snow, rain or heat. The durable textures of pavers also mean that slip-resistance is an added bonus, and cleaning them off requires little more than the occasional sweeping or hosing down. Best of all, pavers can be very cost-effective, depending on the material, allowing homeowners to customize a style of their choosing with plenty of budget to spare.

Types of pavers

Just as there are tons of flooring options for the interior of your home, there’s a wide variety of pavers that will help you create an enticing outdoor surface that’s as durable as it is visually appealing. Here are a few different types of paver materials that can help you design your dream outdoor living space:

Concrete pavers

This type of paver is certainly one of the more popular choices, as homeowners have been installing concrete pathways and patio flooring for decades. For less experienced DIYers, going with a concrete paver pattern is a straightforward way to create, install and maintain a surface that you’ve personally customized. Concrete pavers come in dozens of different colors and patterns to provide your walkway with that extra zest it needs, and the smooth edges on each panel allow for an easy installation process that can be accomplished in as quick as one day.

Brick pavers

Another of the more commonly chosen materials for a paver surface is brick. Just like concrete surfaces, brick pavers come equipped with easy-to-install edges, and are very simple to repair or replace if needed. They’re also great for incorporating a variety of colors into your surface area, as there are many multi-colored brick paver patterns that can boost the uniqueness of your patio or backyard surface. The tough durability of brick pavers also means that rain or shine, your surface will remain intact and looking great.

“No one can argue with the authentic allure of natural stone pavers.”

Natural stone pavers

While brick and concrete pavers get plenty of attention for easy installation and durability, natural stone pavers offer an authentic allure and appeal that can’t be beat. Choosing to install this type of material allows homeowners to produce a truly original look for their front or backyard space that’s hard to replicate with a manufactured surface. While natural stone pavers tend to be more expensive than concrete or brick selections, you certainly can’t put a price on how stunning your exterior flooring will look after installation.

Slate, granite and travertine pavers

If you want to achieve a more unique and distinct design, giving slate, granite and travertine surfaces a look is definitely worth your time. From glossier textures to sparkling reflections of the sun, these types of pavers are perfect for homeowners with a knack for individual style and original designs. These types of materials are also an excellent choice for surrounding various appliances in your backyard, such as a hot tub, pool or fire pit, as resiliency and charm come standard with these surfaces.

Will pavers enhance your landscaping plans?

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