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Complete Your Deck with Style and Safety: About Deck Railings

From improving accessibility to increasing the safety of your outdoor space, adding railing to your deck and deck stairs is an essential step that’s required by most regional building codes. While deck railings are made with safety in mind, it doesn’t mean you won’t find options that are stylish and intricately designed as well.

With a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, deck railing will add the finishing touch to your deck’s overall appearance. Depending on the type of material you select, you can customize the appearance of your deck or patio. For example, glass panels offer a more modern look, while wooden posts lend a more classic aesthetic. Take a look at some of the ways deck railings can enhance your backyard’s style as well as the types of materials to consider for installation:

An essential safety feature

The primary reason every deck needs sturdy and resilient railings is simply as a safety precaution. Deck railings can assist with everything from ensuring little ones are guarded from the edges of your deck or patio to making it easier for guest to head up and down your deck steps. Your deck really isn’t complete until you’ve successfully installed a railing that will help you and your family avoid any unforeseen accidents.

Evaluating deck railings

While some may consider deck railings to be basic accessories, they will impact the overall look of your outdoor space and add definition to your property as a whole. This feature serves as the first impression guests will have of your deck, and because there’s so much variety with these designs and materials, you’ll have no problem finding a product that matches your home’s exterior.

From an installation standpoint, you will need to take a look at your local building code requirements to make sure your spacing and measurements match municipal bylaws. The installation process itself is not too challenging once you have all the necessary equipment and instructions ready to go. You’ll also find that many deck railing options are very affordable, and feature the utmost quality in terms of performance and longevity.

Deck railing components

Accessible and functional deck railings require several important features. First off, you’ll want to consider the framework of the posts, which help keep the entire railing system safe and secure. Along with following building code requirements for spacing between posts, you’ll usually need to install them alongside your house, on the corners of your deck, and at the top and bottom of your deck stairs. To add style to posts, consider adding faux stone post covers and detailed post caps.

If you want to get even more creative, choose a railing system that includes more stylized balustrades or spindles, which will add to the architectural appeal of your backyard. Always make sure you carefully pick the handrail, as smoothness and grip are especially important when paired with deck stairs.

Wood railing


Out of all the materials commonly used for deck railings, wood is always a more traditional looking option that can also be extremely flexible in terms of customization. Wood railings for decks and patios are typically inexpensive, and allow homeowners to weigh options for various paint coatings. Wood railings are also very strong and durable, but this type of material will require a bit more maintenance and care than other types of railings.



A versatile material option that helps create a sleeker look for your outdoor railings is metal. From aluminum to iron to steel, metal railings come in a vast range of architectural designs that are compatible with just about any deck or patio style. Metal railings also require very little maintenance, and they’re able to stand up against many types of weather and environmental factors.

Synthetic Wood


Made from resin and reinforced with metal channels for structural support, synthetic wood railings are another quality option for homeowners who prioritize lasting durability and resiliency for their deck. This low maintenance material is designed to endure whatever Mother Nature throws at it, and are mold, mildew, and rot resistant. Synthetic wood deck railings are also available in easy to assemble kits and are sure to compliment a composite decking project.



Easy to install and extremely durable, vinyl deck railing is a very worthwhile investment for your deck or patio. Available with a classic, white-painted traditional appearance, vinyl deck railings are easy to install for homeowners with minimal house repair experience. They’re also very low maintenance as they won’t rust or fade and will never require painting or sanding.

Glass panels

“Glass deck railing panels help showcase your backyard’s beautiful surroundings.”


A more premium design and striking look for your deck railing can be achieved by using tempered glass panels. If you have a backyard with an incredible view, then going with tempered glass panel railings will allow for you and your guests to have a clear view of your beautiful surroundings. Not only do glass panels accentuate any wood, vinyl or aluminum rails, but they can be a great substitute for more traditional balusters. Simply put, glass decking is a versatile material, and offers a more sleek and modern look for your outdoor living space.

What type of deck railing will best compliment your outdoor space?

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