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Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Your new stainless steel grill has been delivered, the seating for your bar area is assembled and you even have the mini refrigerator all ready to go. But how are you going to put it all together? A few of the best things about installing an outdoor kitchen arrangement are that it’s an entirely customizable project, and there are dozens of aesthetics you can achieve. From more traditional, open space dining plans to ambitious, intricately architected designs, there’s no telling what you can come up with to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen utopia. If you’re intrigued to learn more about the many ways you can arrange your backyard kitchen area, take a look at these suggestions:

Chef’s headquarters

Homeowners who are serious when it comes to barbecuing will want a space that allows them to adequately master their craft. While this certainly means having a top quality propane or natural gas grill at the ready, it also means having the right appliances to surround your cooking station with. Installing a countertop alongside a built-in grill will create more space for preparing and serving dishes, rather than having to run back inside the house to prep entrees or appetizers. Having drawers underneath the countertops will help you keep track of all your utensils and tools needed for serving a barbecue dinner and will help keep things organized. Another great accessory to have in your culinary headquarters is a sink so you can easily turn around and wash off your hands, vegetables or dishes rather than running inside to keep things clean.


Countertops are a great accompaniment to any outdoor kitchen.

Lux lounge

Customizing your backyard into a combination of outdoor kitchen and lounge area will create a more inviting environment that’s sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. You can fire up the grill while your guests relax in a comfy outdoor furniture set, with matching table and chair pieces ideal for enjoying a cocktail and sharing appetizers before a hearty meal. If you really want to design a room-like feel for your family and friends to enjoy, consider adding a gazebo to your outdoor space. This will act as the perfect place to provide some shade and sophistication for guests while you enjoy cooking up a storm on the grill. Even having a canvas gazebo that covers your backyard seating area can create a more intimate outdoor dining experience.

Watering hole

You’ll never have a reason to leave your yard again once you’ve installed the ultimate cocktail area to accompany your outdoor kitchen. Nothing is more relaxing than hanging out with friends or family over a few drinks while taking in a summer sunset in the backyard. Plus, providing guests with patio bar seating complete with countertops and some wicker balcony-height chairs makes the time waiting for dinner fly right by. Of course, having the perfect watering hole on your deck or patio means owning the right appliances to go along with it. Keeping a mini refrigerator handy for storing drinks and mugs is how any professional bartender would do it, and having a sink to wash off glasses makes entertaining even more convenient.


All of your guests will enjoy having a drink on a stylish patio.

Attention to detail

“Flowers, tiki torches or fire tables will all add flair.”

Homeowners interested in making more of a sophisticated statement in their outdoor kitchen should consider the types of materials that can be used to enhance its appearance. For instance, contrasting stainless steel appliances on your deck or patio with granite countertops offers a classic and sophisticated look that will also stand up to the elements. Or, you could go another route, and make an outdoor dining area that looks entirely modern by using concrete countertops along with a sleek and decorative fire table, which is perfect for gathering friends together. If you’ve assembled a summer-ready bar and cocktail area, install some finishing touches by adding rows of tiki torches to create a tropical ambiance. Of course, nothing makes an outdoor kitchen look more welcoming quite like planting a colorful array of flowers and plants to surround the dining spot. Remember, don’t hesitate to try to get fun and creative when it comes to decorating your newly assembled outdoor kitchen!

What kind of design elements would you like in your outdoor kitchen?

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