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Where to Use Artificial Turf at Home

When you think of artificial turf, you probably picture it outside on a sports field or in an arena. However, the material is more versatile and can be used in a number of spaces around your home. From outdoors to indoors, artificial turf provides a grass-like feel without all the maintenance typically associated with vibrant green lawns. With that in mind, here are some spaces that could benefit from the installation of artificial turf:


Traditionally, artificial turf is used as a grass alternative, so it feels natural in an outdoor setting. Should you choose to forgo the maintenance requirements of grass and opt instead for artificial turf, check out these ideas for placement:

Your yard is where you enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice. You might play games, let your dog run around, or toss a ball with your kids. The front yard is the first thing people see when they approach your home. Whether in your backyard or the lawn near your front door, your outdoor space is ripe for artificial turf. Maintaining grass is challenging, from watering to mowing regularly. You can cut down on both your water bill and maintenance practices by using artificial turf instead of grass. Plus, it will always be vibrantly green and comfortable to run and play on.

Putting green
Like to practice your putting game at home? Consider installing a patch of artificial turf right in your yard. That way, you’ll have a nice, evenly cut area to put in extra hours on the green. Pick an area of your yard, perhaps just off the patio, where you can install a circle of artificial turf. You can even include the iconic hole and flag.

Patio or hard landscaping
Hard landscaping refers to outdoor areas dominated by surfaces other than grass, including patios and decks. If your yard is mostly walkways and stones, you might add a little greenery with artificial turf. Cover a square of space on your porch, or install turf beside your patio. Doing so helps brighten the space while allowing you to avoid maintaining the small lawn. Many homeowners with smaller outdoor spaces prefer this handy option.

artificial turf

Practice your game at home by installing an artificial turf putting green. (Treviso Artificial Turf – Golf Green)


That’s right, even the inside of your home can feature artificial turf. Here are some ideas for how to use the material inside:

Pet space
Not all pets are meant to hang out in your yard. For instance, many rabbits and cats live healthier lives when they’re indoors. However, both need enough space to get exercise. Dedicate a room or area of your house to your animals by laying down artificial turf. That way, your furry friends will get the feel of grass on their paws without being exposed to the elements. When it comes to rabbits, just make sure you enclose their turf space so they don’t run amok in your house.

3-season rooms
An enclosed deck lets you enjoy the views and breezes of the outdoors throughout the year. You can keep these areas warmer in the fall and cooler in the summer, a nice bit of control not afforded by your lawn. However, as you lounge on your enclosed deck, you may miss the feel of grass under your toes. Install artificial turf in your enclosed deck to further blur the line between indoor and outdoor space.

Is artificial turf right for your home?

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