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6 Simple Marketing Tips For Contractors

As a contractor, having a list of trusted customers can be just as important as completing a job successfully. Building may be your business, but do you know how to build a roster of potential customers to keep your business growing?

Our CEO Dan Park sat down with building materials expert Mark Mitchell to get his take on the best way for contractors to get more leads. Check out their one-on-one chat for 6 simple marketing his marketing tips for contractors that will help boost your business.

What You’ll Learn From This Video

If you’re a flooring contractor looking to generate more leads for your business, here’s what you’ll learn from this video:

  • Top tips in marketing themselves, including why it’s important to match your marketing to your personal style.
  • What to do if you’re not comfortable putting yourself “out there” on social media.
  • Why social media isn’t the only option as a flooring installer.
  • Easy ideas on how to start your social media.
  • How much time and cost you can expect to invest.

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