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How Flooring Installers Can Grow Their Business on Nextdoor

It’s becoming more popular for businesses to market on the local social networking platform Nextdoor. Flooring installers can create a Nextdoor profile and engage with other community members on the site to raise awareness about their business in the local community, connect with prospective customers, and increase sales. Read on to learn about how to use Nextdoor to grow your local flooring business. 

What is Nextdoor? 

Nextdoor is a local social network where neighbors share items for sale, request recommendations for local businesses, and post events taking place in their neighborhood. There are online communities on Nextdoor for more than 168,000 neighborhoods in the United States.

Marketing Strategy for Flooring Installers

What sets Nextdoor apart from other social platforms is that users are required to verify their identity as homeowners or renters in their neighborhood. In other words, users on Nextdoor have verified neighbors and prospective customers in your local area. You won’t find any bots or fake personas on Nextdoor. 

How Can You Grow Your Business on Nextdoor? 

Recommendations for local businesses and services are one of the most popular features on Nextdoor. Users can request and/or give recommendations for restaurants, auto mechanics, hair salons, dentists, and other local businesses.

One of the most popular ways in which users are using Nextdoor is to request and give recommendations for local businesses and services. Nextdoor users are verified members of the neighborhood, so local homeowners are more likely to trust recommendations that come from their local community in comparison to reviews on platforms where anyone can post – like Yelp or Google. 

72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Word-of-mouth goes a long way with customers looking to hire a flooring installer to work on their homes. Listing your business on Nextdoor and engaging with your local community will signal to users that you are a responsible business owner and that your customers are happy with their flooring. 

How to List Your Business on Nextdoor 

The first step to listing your flooring business on Nextdoor is to claim your business page. Search for your business at https://business.nextdoor.com/local, click Claim next to your business’ name, choose to claim it as a Professional Business, and enter the contact information for your business. (If you connect your personal Nextdoor account to your business account, others will need your email login information to manage your company’s business page). 

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Like Facebook, each user on Nextdoor has a profile page. Fill out the entire profile page, and be sure to add a cover photo, logo image, and biography. You will be prompted to verify your business page; Nextdoor will call your business number and provide a verification code. 

How to List Your Business on Nextdoor

Best Practices for Marketing Your Business on Nextdoor 

Once you begin to familiarize yourself with Nextdoor’s format (browse through the tabs under “Neighborhood” on the left-hand side of the homepage), you’ll see how marketing your flooring business on Nextdoor can raise awareness about your flooring installation services and get customers to call. 

Community Guidelines 

Before marketing your business on Nextdoor, it’s important to know the rules under their Community Guidelines. First of all, you may never submit unsolicited posts or messages in the main news feed, private messages, Topics, or in the For Sale and Free section. Additionally, do not post any commercial events to the newsfeed. (Only submit commercial events to the Events Calendar from a business account.) 

One of Nextdoor’s biggest expectations is that you are transparent in all of your behavior on the website. If you are responding to someone’s request for information, be upfront and clear about your affiliation with your business. 


Requests for recommendations can be found in the newsfeed. Click on the Businesses tab (under “Neighborhoods”) and you’ll see Recent Conversations on local businesses. You can engage with other users by commenting on their posts and sharing how your business can help them with the service or product they are looking for. However, always be upfront about being the business owner or your affiliation with the business you are recommending (even if you are posting from your personal account). 

Promoting Your Business from Your Personal Profile

You have the option to promote your business from your personal Nextdoor account, but you need to add your business affiliation to the biography section of your personal profile before doing so. 

You may add commercial events to the Events Calendar from a personal account affiliated with a business. You still cannot make unsolicited posts to the main newsfeed, private message, Topics, or For Sale and Free, and you cannot post commercial events to the main newsfeed.

Promoting Your Business

Local Deals 

Get the word out about your flooring business to neighbors on Nextdoor by offering Local Deals to your local community. Local Deals may only be published to offer discounts and promotions. Do not mention your competitors in your Local Deals. 

Advertising on Nextdoor 

Currently, the only professionals who may use Neighborhood Sponsorship on Nextdoor include real estate agents, home builders, general contractors, insurance agents, and property managers, and only large businesses (regional or national) may promote sponsored content. Until Nextdoor announces otherwise, small businesses may only promote their business through transparent engagement on the platform and through Local Deals. 

Adjusting to new social media platforms always involves a learning curve. Nextdoor is a platform in which the effort will be worth it as you grow your business’s reputation in your local neighborhood. Prospective customers reading recommendations for your flooring installations will be impressed by the online word-of-mouth in the community about your business.

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