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Google Analytics 101: Features and Metrics That Matter to Flooring Professionals

Understanding and utilizing Google Analytics can be challenging, even for people who work with it every day. As a flooring professional focused on digital marketing and online growth, Google Analytics could be the key to your company’s success. 

There are so many figures, statistics, and reports available that it can be instantly overwhelming. It’s super easy to get lost in their library of features, most of which you won’t ever need or use. That’s why it’s essential to understand which features and metrics matter to you as a flooring professional, and which can be left alone.

Before we jump into those features, let’s take a moment to discuss the value of Google Analytics and data collection and how they might impact your business.

The Importance of Google Analytics and Data Collection

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and robust web analytics tools on the market. There’s a reason so many businesses and websites use it. It allows you to monitor visitors to your website, shop, or blog, including where they come from, the pages they visit, and how long they stay on each page.

It also collects their information, allowing you to retarget them long after they leave your site. All of this data gives you insight into the performance of specific pages on your website, the efficacy of your marketing campaigns, and your presence on various social media platforms. If used correctly, Google Analytics can significantly boost your marketing efforts and transform your online presence.

6 Important Features to Understand

What parts of Google Analytics are right for you? As a flooring professional, there’s no need to mess around with expert-level features meant for web developers and corporate-level marketing departments because you probably won’t need them. Instead, here are six important features to understand that could have a profound impact on your flooring business:

1. Google Analytics Integrations

If you’re going to use Google Analytics, you need to know how to integrate it with your website. You can use a plug-in, a backend feature on your web hosting or design platform, or request the help of a developer.

Thankfully, with the wide availability of Google Analytics and its partnerships with so many programs and companies worldwide, integrating is usually pretty simple. So, no matter what platform you’re using or your level of expertise in web development, there’s likely an article or two outlining an easy, straightforward way to complete the integration.

2. Bounce Rate and Time on Page

“Bounce rate” is essential for determining how well people are engaging with your web content. It measures the number of times a visitor comes to your website, visits a single page, and does nothing before exiting. A high bounce rate (a large number of visitors leaving your site without interacting) can indicate slow load times, insufficient search engine optimization (SEO), or poor content.

“Time on page” refers to the specific amount of time visitors stay on your website per page. This can also be an invaluable metric that indicates whether or not you have engaging content. A good average “time on page” is around 62 seconds, while a good average session duration is anything over three minutes.

3. Social Media Insights for Optimized Targeting

Social Media Insights is another valuable feature that flooring professionals should use. A successful social media marketing campaign can drive active and engaged traffic to your website. Once there, engaged visitors may convert to paying customers.

Google Analytics allows you to track which social media campaigns are working, monitor click-through rates, and use that information to enhance your marketing efforts.

4. New User Acquisition

Website visitors are split into two separate groups: new visitors and returning visitors. The Acquisition section within Google Analytics allows you to track where visitors are coming from, including social media networks, other websites, search engines, and more. Knowing where a visitor is coming from and whether they’re new or returning can be invaluable data that you can use to strengthen your marketing efforts.

5. Email Marketing Performance

Google Analytics also allows you to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Using the Acquisition report, you can track visitors that come to your website from an email campaign. From there, you can use the other information we’ve discussed to analyze their bounce rate, time on page, session duration, and overall impression.

Every new visitor gives you more information about the effectiveness of each campaign. The more information you have, the more power you have over your marketing.

6. Optimize Content Priorities with Organic Search Insights

Organic Search insights tell you when visitors come to your website from a search engine. More importantly, they also tell you what search terms each visitor used to find you. This information is helpful for two primary reasons.

First, when you know what visitors searched to find you, you know which search terms are ranking for your website. You can use this data to boost your website’s search engine optimization. Additionally, you now know what people are searching for, which can be invaluable.

The ultimate goal for your website is to pop up on the first page of Google when someone searches for something related to your business. Using these features can help you achieve that goal.

Grow Your Flooring Business with a Data-Driven Approach

Digital marketing is all about testing the market, finding out what works, and running with it. Google Analytics allows you to capitalize on that success, understand it, boost or change your ongoing marketing campaigns, and ultimately grow your business. As a flooring professional, using data and analytics can have a remarkable impact on your company.

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