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Top Real Estate Investment Podcasts

Whether real estate is a passion or a pastime, checking out a few of our favorite podcasts is a great way to enhance your real estate investment knowledge and get a little inspiration for your own home. BuildDirect has compiled a list of our seven favorite podcasts for property investors for your listening pleasure. Check each one out for yourself and let someone else’s years of experience become your knowledge base.

podcasts for property investors

The Top Podcasts for Property Investors

Listen to them on your way to work, while working out, or during a free evening. These podcasts offer episodes providing consolidated information about single topics. This makes it easy to research interesting topics without listening to things that don’t apply to your personal situation.

Bigger Pockets

Every Thursday Brandon Turner and David Green interview a new investor on Bigger Pockets. The interview structure of this podcast provides listeners with access to the experiences of a wide array of investors. Each investor has a different background and specialty.

Think Realty Radio

Stay updated on all the current trends in real estate by listening to Think Realty Radio. This podcast provides both a video and an audio option, depending upon your preferences. With new podcasts released every few days, it’s easy to get real-time information about what’s happening in the world of real estate.

The Real Estate Guys

When you’re looking for insight into property investment, check out The Real Estate Guys podcast. A professional investor and professional financial strategist host this podcast. They provide a unique two-sided approach to the topic of real estate investment. Arranged into fun and easy-to-understand topics, this podcast appeals to the experienced investor and beginner alike. New episodes come on weekly, making it easy to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. Each episode is clearly titled, making it easy to determine which episodes best fit with your current interests.

Best Ever Show

This real estate investment podcast specializes in people who approach real estate investment as a passive hobby or are interested in apartment syndications. This podcast focuses on showing you how thoughtful investments can lead the way to financial freedom. Accredited investor, Joe Fairless, guides you through each episode of The Best Ever Show, which is geared toward investors of any budget.

The Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast

If Fixer Upper is one of your favorite home renovation television shows, this is the podcast for you. The Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast accompanies the Fixer Upper Episodes, adding additional commentary you’ll find interesting. Not only do they talk about the projects seen on the show, but they also bring in special guests that can provide a fresh perspective. Starting with season four of the show, there is a podcast episode that coordinates with every show episode.

Property Renovation Podcast

When you’re looking for a breakdown of the renovation process, what to consider, and what materials to look for, the Property Renovation Podcast is a fantastic resource. This podcast understands the value of the knowledge that comes with experience. With decades of collective experience in the renovation world, the hosts impart what they’ve learned along the way. They help amateurs feel empowered to embark on the renovation journey and help homeowners know how to work with their contractors to achieve their renovation goals.

Home Style Green

This podcast is dedicated to making homes more environmentally friendly through green decisions. The nearly weekly podcasts all feature different guests and different topics. You can listen to the Home Style Green podcasts in order or jump around to the topics that peak your interest. The hosts welcome listeners to contribute questions that they answer on the podcast.

With so many well-produced podcasts for property investors available, it’s easy to find the information you need. Find the right place to purchase, how to renovate that place, and how to manage your property or properties. Check out your favorites weekly and learn how to keep up with home renovation trends. Whether you’re just dabbling in a small real estate investments or looking to turn property flipping into a full-time gig, there are sure to be episodes that will help you achieve your goals.

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