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8 Services to Help Streamline Property Management

Property management is not an easy job. It takes a healthy mixture of experience, grit, and quick decision-making to keep properties running smoothly, and it’s not hard to see why it’s such a challenge. 

From securing new tenants and collecting monthly rent to handling ongoing maintenance requirements and controlling costs – there’s no shortage of tasks to keep everything running smoothly.

Thankfully, these days we have tons of services and software available to make your life a little easier. These 8 services are some of our favorite options to help streamline property management: 

1. RENTCafé


RENTCafé helps match renters with apartments. As a property manager, you can list your property on RENTCafé to increase your exposure, generate more leads, and increase your chances of filling vacancies.

You can also process rental applications, approvals, and renewals through their app, which makes finding and keeping tenants a much easier task. 

2. LeaseLock


One of the biggest roadblocks and headaches to getting new tenants is getting a security deposit. However, it’s essential to have one so you’re protected in case of excessive damage. If you charge too much, you might miss out on quality tenants. Charge too little, and you risk losing money in damages.

LeaseLock mitigates all these hassles by replacing the security deposit with an insurance policy instead. Rather than charge your tenants a lump sum upfront, renters will pay a small monthly fee starting at $19 per month in addition to their rent.

This insurance covers units for as much as six times their monthly rent in damages. That’s more than you usually get from security deposits, and without the hassle. 

3. NowRenting


NowRenting is a complete rental management software. It makes finding, screening, signing, and managing your tenants a breeze by streamlining the process top to bottom.

You post your rental listings on multiple websites at one time, create a custom website for your property, and you can also manage all of your communications with the current tenants. 

NowRenting includes private email addresses and phone numbers for you and your tenants, so you never have to use your personal phone or email to communicate. In addition, leads and prospective tenants will also message you through the NowRenting platform, helping to keep everything organized. 

4. C² Communities


C2 aims to bring rental properties into the new era by modernizing many of the outdated processes that are commonly used in property rental and management. For property manages, you can hire and schedule maintenance, track payments, communicate with tenants, and post community updates with a click of a button.

Having C2 is a huge pull for millennial tenants who make up the majority of the rental marketplace, because they’re easily able to pay their bills, communicate with you, request maintenance, and more through an app. This creates higher retention and an added edge, leading to fewer vacancies for you. 

5. Planon Real Estate Management


Planon Real Estate Management is a solution built to make understanding and controlling costs simple. Most real estate companies have their costs stored in complicated spreadsheets. Planon aims to eliminate the chaos.

Planon’s software helps maximize financial performance. It also helps to analyze technical and functional performance to make sure your property is efficient and in compliance with your overall strategies. In other words, Planon provides a birds-eye-view into your costs and performance standards. 

6. AppFolio Property Manager


AppFolio’s user-friendly interface is a solution for everything you need as a property manager. They offer a chat solution so you can communicate effortlessly with your tenants. They provide streamlined maintenance processes and staffing workflows. They even offer accounting and payment solutions, too.

In addition, they have solutions to improve your marketing and deep insights to help you grow your property. AppFolio has a solution for nearly every aspect of property management. 

7. Buildium


Buildium is another all-in-one management platform. They offer accounting solutions, including online payments and 1099 e-filing. They also provide a whole host of business operation solutions, including document storage, property inspections, renter’s insurance, maintenance request tracking, analytics and insight, and more.

Buildium also has leasing solutions with comprehensive screening and application solutions. You can manage your listings, applications, showing, screenings, and more. There are also built-in community management solutions like violations tracking and board communications. Buildium really has a feature for everything.

8. ResMan


ResMan is the CRM built by property managers for property managers. It’s an intuitive software because it was designed by people who fully understand the industry. It includes comprehensive accounting software, budgeting tools, deep insights, and maintenance oversight tools.

ResMan also provides solutions for leasing, communication, compliance, screening, processing payments, lead management, and more.

Use These Tools to Ease the Pressure of Property Management

Property management is a challenging job, but these eight tools can help ease the pressure. As our world moves towards more digital solutions, it makes sense to utilize these innovative tools to make your life a little easier.

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