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Christmas Decor Ideas: The Living Room

A certain song demands that you deck the halls. It misses the point, though. Your living room is the place where holiday decorations are most important. That’s where you’ll host all your Christmas parties for friends and family. Here are a few suggestions for the best Christmas décor. Glass Jars . . . Read more

Christmas Decor Ideas: The Exterior

During the holidays, you’ll likely have more people visiting your home than at any other time of the year. Your home’s first impression starts before your guests ever cross the threshold, so it’s important to ensure you’re making a good impression with tasteful holiday decorations. Choose the perfect decorations for . . . Read more

Christmas Decor Ideas: The Dining Room

Carving the turkey, toasting to the future, pulling crackers with the kids. The dining room is the place where you make Christmas memories, so it’s important that this special place gets a makeover befitting the holidays. These easy ideas for decorating your home can make your dining room picture-perfect this . . . Read more