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Stone Siding Glossary

For centuries, stone siding has protected homes around the globe. Today, stone siding is offered in natural stone, faux stone panels, or stone veneer panel options. Read on for some of the most common stone siding glossary terms.. Efflorescence: When water seeps into masonry and stone siding, it can soak . . . Read more

Basement Renovation FAQs

Basement renovations are vital home improvement projects that boost the value of your home. What is involved? Read the FAQ below to learn more about boosting your square footage and your resale value. How much will a basement renovation cost? The answer depends on the size of the room you’re . . . Read more

Top 10 Granite Tile FAQs

Granite is one of the most popular tile surfaces due to its natural composition. There’s a lot to learn about the tile if you want to make an informed flooring choice. Read the following FAQs to understand the benefits and characteristics of granite. 1. What is granite? Granite is an especially . . . Read more

Top 10 Marble Tile FAQs

Marble is one of the many stunning natural stone options you have for tiling your home. While this elegant material is closely associated with Renaissance sculpture, it’s also been a popular building material in many cultures, showing up in everything from ancient Greek temples to the Taj Mahal. Marble is . . . Read more

Top 13 Slate Tile FAQs

Slate tile is a much sought after flooring option because it’s not only stylish and durable, it also feels great on your feet. If you’re considering whether to choose this tile, you probably have a lot of questions. Let this FAQ aid you in deciding whether slate tile is the . . . Read more

Top 7 Stone Siding FAQs

Builders and architects have used stone as a building material for centuries. Today’s homeowners can choose from a number of stone siding options that uphold the material’s classic and sophisticated look. Read on for answers to the top 7 questions you may have about stone siding. 1. What are my . . . Read more

Top 9 Wood Siding FAQs

Wood siding is a classic choice for homes in the United States and Canada due to its versatility, beautiful appearance, and durability. It’s also a natural alternative to synthetic choices such as vinyl. Read on for answers to the top 9 questions you may have about wood siding for your home: 1. . . . Read more