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Wood Siding Glossary

A classic siding option, wood siding is long-lasting and durable. With proper stain application, wood siding stays protected for years and can take on a variety of shades. Wood siding is a classic choice in residential and even commercial exteriors. Here are some basic glossary terms to know when you’re planning . . . Read more

Top 9 Wood Siding FAQs

Wood siding is a classic choice for homes in the United States and Canada due to its versatility, beautiful appearance, and durability. It’s also a natural alternative to synthetic choices such as vinyl. Read on for answers to the top 9 questions you may have about wood siding for your home: 1. . . . Read more

How to Stain Wood Siding

The staining process serves to protect and preserve wood siding while enhancing its natural beauty. Wood stains range from the clear coats used to showcase the wood’s natural color, to deep stains that provide a wider range of color choices to match exteriors. Additional protection through staining Staining can provide your . . . Read more