ANT TILE Triangle Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Triangular Pure Black / 2-1/3"x1-2/3" / Matte

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Product Overview

This new series of high-quality triangular glazed porcelain mosaic tiles is our latest line of innovative mosaic tile offerings, which is designed by our own. For now, 2 colors (black and white), two sizes (1-7/12"x1-1/6" and 2-1/3"x1-2/3"), two surfaces (glossy and matte) and four design patterns (Pure, Windmill, Heart and Diamond) are available. This series is absolutely a unique and creative way to add a modern look to any area of your home, and it’s suitable for both walls and floors (except that the black glossy ones are not suggested for floor use). They can be used in kitchens (backsplashes), living rooms, entrances, fireplace surrounds and so on, even in swimming pools.

  • Environmentally Friendly: During the manufacturing process, porcelain mosaic chips are formed by molds, while glass and stone mosaic tiles are cut into certain shapes. So, it causes less loss of raw materials to produce porcelain mosaic tiles than glass or stone mosaic tiles, which means it has high efficiency on cost-performance index.
  • Durable: Compared with other flooring materials, porcelain mosaic tile has lower life cycle cost. There is little probability of chipping or breakage and the glaze or surface hold up under continuous wear because it is impact and abrasion resistant after high-temperature oven firing. If an individual tile on the mesh is damage you can cut the bad tile out and replace it easily. With proper installation, porcelain mosaic tiles should last the lifetime of the structure.
  • Low Water-Absorption Rate: Usually a porcelain tile has a moisture absorption rating of less than 0.5 %. The water absorption rate is directly related with the suitability of porcelain mosaic tile for interior or exterior applications. A low water absorption rate also enables a tile to absorb food or beverage stains on a lesser percentage.
  • Patented Design: For this triangle series, we create unique patterns of our own, such as windmill, diamond, heart shape and they are all under design patent protection. In future research and development, other popular colors like light grey will join the family as well and there will be more space for imagination.
  • Versatile: As said above, you can install ceramic mosaic tiles in almost any room in your home. Furthermore, porcelain mosaic tiles are available pre-attached to mesh sheets, which can then be cut depending on the size of the area to be tiled and fixtures that need to be worked around.

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Warranty, Installation & Other info
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Packaging Dimensions (inches)Height: 0.24 Length: 10.2 Width: 10.2
Product Dimensions (in)Height: 0.24 Length: 10.2 Width: 10.2
Color VariationPure Black
Edge TypeStandard
PEI Rating4
Sheet Size10.20x10.20
Type of PrintGlazed
Water Absorption Rate≤0.5%
Proposition 65Attention California Residents

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Triangular Pure Black / 2-1/3"x1-2/3" / Matte - Triangle Porcelain Mosaic Tile

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