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Abolos New Era II

Wild Life Linear / Linear

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Style: Wild Life Linear

Size: Linear


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Product Overview

The New Era II Collection takes contemporary mosaic glass and stone tile design to another level of elegance and beauty. Each sheet is composed of a palette of warn and natural colors that are arranged in a unique pattern; perfect for branching outside of the ordinary. New Era II meshes well with kitchen countertops and cabinets, fireplaces, modern living rooms, and a variety of other commercial and residential design applications _x000D__x000D_1.09 sq.ft/sht. -Browns

  • Easy to use and Install
  • 100% Non-Fading Colors
  • Glossy Finish
  • Suitable for use in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Indoor Walls, and Backsplashes

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Packaging Dimensions (inches)
Height: 7 Length: 13 Width: 13
Product Dimensions (in)
Height: 0.315 Length: 11.98 Width: 11.73
Proposition 65

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