Izmir Travertine Tile Pattern Sets - Brushed and Filled

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Created in industry-leading quarries in Turkey, these travertine tiles are manufactured according to the highest world standards and make your home both comfortable and sumptuous.

A refined design for both traditional and contemporary homes, Izmir Brushed and Filled Pattern Sets will add value and beauty to your living space.

Izmir Brushed and Filled Travertine Pattern Sets deliver:

  • Incomparable interior spaces: Natural stone is one of the most frequently used tile options in modern architecture, and it is chosen for its organic but sophisticated antique look
  • Unique color variation of natural stone: Each color range of tile is hand-selected and hand-sorted; the beauty is that no two tiles or shipments will ever look perfectly alike, with shade, color and hardness variations in a natural shade of beige. The background color of this species can range from cream white to grainy beige. This is a high variation product.
  • Varied layout options for stylish surfaces: These sets use a standard tile installation process of thinset and grout, and may also be installed without a grout joint resulting in a continuous surface effect; sizes in the pattern are exact-inch sizes so the recommended installation is without a grout joint
  • Different installation options: In these sets, a pattern configuration is provided for interior spaces, but you may also install these sets outside on a concrete foundation, based on your space and style preferences; the tiles may require careful care and maintenance in high traffic areas
  • Size and shape: This pattern set includes a number of differently-sized pieces included in each box: 1 piece at 16"x24", 2 pieces at 16"x16", 1 piece at 8"x16", and 2 pieces at 8"x8"

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Discontinued. For reference only.
Packaging Dimensions (inches)Height: 2 Length: 17 Width: 25
Edge TypeChiseled Edge
Country of OriginTurkey
Proposition 65Attention California Residents
Sq Ft / Box8

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Travertine Tile Pattern Sets - Brushed and Filled

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4.6 / 5

    by David C. September 27, 2017

    I installed a chiseled-edge travertine floor called "Versailles Noce" a few years ago in my house. It was a similar random 4-piece pattern with two sizes of squares and rectangles. I wanted to use it (or something very close to it) for the house next door that I am remodeling. I chose travertine because I think for price and richness of appearance I can't do better. It wears like iron and hides dirt better than any ceramic of porcelain tile floor I've ever had. It always looks beautiful. Scratches and abrasions can be lightly sanded and buffed away. Light acid etching can also be reversed with applications of tin dioxide and water. Foot traffic polishes it to a satin sheen. Very fine sandpaper restores the original matte surface. The "Chiaro Rustic" is a lovely range of beige tiles that naturally incorporate white tints and grayish and tan variations from piece to piece. It looks good with pure white cabinetry and stainless and chrome fixtures. The travertine comes filled, which makes grouting much less of a chore and doesn't leave shallow pockets to collect dirt. There is always a small percentage of these tiles that arrives cracked, though I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary with my order. It is usually possible to cut down the fragments and use them along edges, in corners, etc. A great virtue of this pattern is that it can be laid out to avoid rows of long skinny pieces along the edge of a wall. The random arrangement of eight-inch increments allows you to incorporate larger pieces against walls and in corners. For example, If you have ten inches between your last tile laid and your wall, instead of laying an eight-inch wide tile and a two-inch fraction, you can cut a single ten-inch width from a sixteen-inch piece (and have a more usable six-inch fragment left over). No edge of your floor need be "sacrificed" for the sake of the pattern.

    by Kyla M. September 27, 2017

    The product had a lot of variation in color but it looks very nice down. The big problem was with the amount of damage in the pieces I received and the inability to get replacement pieces to me on time. I had to make a second order and that 40sq ft arrived almost entirely broken. My rep, Jeremy Irla was superb throughout the entire ordeal, though, and did his very best to find me replacements, track down shipments and whatever he could. Good customer service makes all the difference when things go wrong. Hang on to Jeremy!

    by Jeff S. September 27, 2017

    We were able to upgrade our flooring selection because of this clearance priced travertine stone pattern set we bought from you. We have a rather tight budget and never expected to be able to afford this gorgeous flooring! Our buying experience was easy, straightforward, clear and accurate. For amateur DIYers your site made us feel victorious and so proud of the finished product. Our floor is garnering great praise from all who see it. Workmen and friends alike are very impressed with the style, quality and Old World charm it exudes. It cost a bit more to have it installed due to the more challenging pattern but considering the price we paid, a bit more for installation was well worth it. We SMILE each time we walk into the room! Seriously! In regards to color - we really love it. We found a few more darker tan and darker cream tiles than we had expected but with care in laying out the pattern and varied colors of tiles, we feel the floor as "ART" has depth and richness because of the varied colors & their movement. Thrilled!! It complements our granite countertop and paint choices perfectly!! Thanks!

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