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Olympus Olympus - Centaurus

Black / 10x30

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Style: Black

Size: 10x30


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Product Overview

The Olympus Spanish Ceramic Tile series Centaurus is a gorgeous tile series that ushers the consumer into an exclusive interpretation of the black-and-white experience. The extravagant detailing in this tile line brings lavish texture and creates visual appeal and adds interest to the purity and sterility of white tiles while complimenting their reflective and open properties. The gleaming honey comb, grid work, and waves that are imprinted in these tiles brighten the black tiles while creating a sumptuous, comforting atmosphere that still retains a sense of mystery. These ceramic tiles feature:

  • Made in Spain: each tile represents the magnificent quality of Spanish craftsmanship that has been refined over hundreds of years of tile production
  • Inkjet printing: modern inkjet technology creates full color coverage of pristine white and deep black, a feat hard to achieve before inkjet printing.
  • Ceramic tile: A strong, yet light tile, perfect for wall applications.
  • V1 Color Variation: Minimal to no difference among pieces from the same production run because each ceramic tile is manufactured using the same glaze applications and body texture.
  • <10% water absorption rate: This tile is a non-vitreous or low density tile perfect for wall applications
  • Applications: Fits in almost any room for a bright, clean, simple look .These tiles are recommended for indoor wall applications only, such as kitchen backsplashes, feature walls, shower walls.
  • Tile size and shape: W 10” x L 30”
  • Surface: Glossy Finish
  • Edges: Non-rectified

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Color Variation
Edge Type
Not Rectified
Water Absorption Rate
Country of Origin
Packaging Dimensions (inches)
Height: 3.5 Length: 30 Width: 10
Sqft / Box
Proposition 65

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