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Olympus Olympus - Hermes

Black / 12x24

Sold by: Olympus
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USD $3.99 / sq ft

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Style: Black

Size: 12x24


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Product Overview

The Olympus Spanish Porcelain Tile Hermes collection celebrates the turn of the 20th century home fashion of hexagon tiles, while simultaneously looking toward the future with its modern format. This collection is an appetizing treat for the senses due to its light reflecting and 3D properties. A modern take on a classic look, the face of these tiles have the traditional small hexagons molded onto the face of a 12x24 tile for a sophisticated look with easy installation. Available in the classic colors of black and white to compliment any décor choice while adding a vintage touch. These porcelain tiles feature:

  • Made in Spain: each tile represents the magnificent quality of Spanish craftsmanship that has been refined over hundreds of years of tile production
  • Inkjet printing: modern inkjet technology creates a beautiful full color coverage over every tile, mixed with a slightly iridescent finish to create the perfect marriage of modern sophistication and a vintage touch.
  • Porcelain tile: A strong, durable tile, perfect for wall or floor applications.
  • V1 Color Variation: Minimal to no difference among pieces from the same production run.
  • 0.5% This is a Vitreous or High Density Tile with a low water absorption rate, perfect for floor or wall applications.
  • Applications: These tiles can be used for indoor floor or wall applications such as feature walls, bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes or to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom!

    Please Note: because of their textured surface these tiles are usually recommended for wall applications more than floor applications.
  • Tile size and shape: W 12” xL 24” Rectangular Shape
  • Surface: Glossy Finish

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Color Variation
Edge Type
Not Rectified
PEI Rating
Type of Print
Water Absorption Rate
0.5%< E< 3%
Country of Origin
Packaging Dimensions (inches)
Height: 3 Length: 24 Width: 12
Sqft / Box
Proposition 65

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