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Tiles and Deco Micro glass tile 0.4"x0.4" - BLUE AND GREY BLEND

little squares pattern / sheet 12"x12" - piece 0.4"x0.4" / iridescent effect

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Style: little squares pattern

Size: sheet 12"x12" - piece 0.4"x0.4"

Finish: iridescent effect


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Product Overview


This Glass tile is 12" by 12" in each sheet. Each of the pieces are 4" by 2". it has a iridescent color. This Glass tile can be used in showers, kitchen backsplash, and pools. It is %100 glass. It is mesh mounted and easy to install. the thickness is 3mm. This product is commonly used in waterline pools for its irisdescent effect and colors. the sheet can be cut in half to make 6" sheet for waterlines.

This Mosaic is great for shower floors, backsplash. Versatile applications for all kinds of surfaces; backsplashes, feature walls, shower inlays, borders, transition pieces, spas, skirting, countertops, exterior surfacing, and more.
This Tile glass is pure luxury, it can be combined with White floors, Wood floors, Cement Floors.
This Mosaics is Mesh mounted.
This mosaic color has a irisdescent effect. It has micro squares pattern.
This Mosaic is Frozen resistant.
This Mosaic has 0% water absortion.
This Mosaic is easy installation, it can be easy cutted for corner fitting
It is made of %100 Glass.
this Glass Tile is an eco-friendly product for kitchen backsplash, shower, floor, and featured wall. Made with 100% recycled glass from car's windshield and beverage bottles. This mosaic tile is mesh mounted. .
Geometric, artistic layouts; hexagonal, square, circular, rectangular, and combination layouts for artistic effect in residential and light commercial interior applications.
This Mosaics are imported from spain, under strict in the house quality control and with a commitment to enviromental protection, resulting in a product of utmost quality.
Interlocking mesh-backed mosaic sheet approximately 1 sq. ft. (*please ensure you order enough covereage for offset)
This Mosaic can make a dramatic statement in any kitchen, bathroom, any decorated room in your home and especially a pool installation. The mesh backing not only simplifies installation but it also allows the tiles to be separated which adds to their design flexibility.
Each box comes with 11 sheets. For 11 sqft cover. Remember to get extra %10 of tiles always for waste purposes.

For the previous few years tiles of micro squares shape have become one of the biggest trends in tile design. this pattern likes very much.

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Color Blue Thickness 3MM
Packaging Dimensions (inches) Height: 1 Length: 12 Width: 12 Proposition 65
Color Blue
Thickness 3MM
Packaging Dimensions (inches) Height: 1 Length: 12 Width: 12
Proposition 65

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