The Ultimate Collection by Vesdura

The Ultimate Collection by Vesdura



The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection is one of the most advanced 100% waterproof floors available.

It used to be that 12mm floors were only possible for those with a big budget. The Ultimate Collection has changed that. It is an industry first waterproof floor that combines modern design, luxury feeling, and heavy durability to give you the most realistic wood-look.

The wood grain looks and textures are so realistic that makes them nearly indistinguishable from real wood. The durable wide planks are not only truly waterproof (as opposed to merely water-resistant), but provide a feeling of ultimate luxury underfoot.

That means you can bring the look and luxury of hardwood flooring into any room of your house including kitchens, bathrooms, basements and even laundry rooms.

The Ultimate Collection is designed for the long-term with a 20mil wear layer, an eco-friendly attached underpad, and stain resistant coating. They come with a 25-year residential and a 10 year light commercial warranty, meaning they can stand 10 years of hair salon, waiting room, or office boardroom traffic.

The Ultimate Collection is available in 5 looks that are always on trend with official collection moldings which are blended to complement the wood’s natural variation available for purchase.

The Ultimate Look

The Ultimate Collection
The Ultimate Collection

When you run your hand over the surface of the Ultimate Collection’s planks, you will feel fine indentations, similar to a plank that was cut from a tree.

This is due to the in-register embossing manufacturing technique, where the 3D printed pattern is pressed into the top layer, allowing the texturing on the surface to follow the patterns in the image.

There aren’t random bumps and waves, only precisely aligned and artistically textured embossingto help your floor look and feel more authentic than ever before.

The planks are also wider than the traditional, 4-foot planks, with lengths reaching close to 6-feet. Achieve the epitome of modernity and timelessness with extra-large planks thatperfectly imitate your favorite wood species,ranging from desert oak and grey wood looks to European oak looks.

A color range that is on trend, giving you the versatility and options you want from your new floors.

Oak Natural / 12mm / WPC / Click Lock Now $2.99/sq ft

Oak Natural / 12mm /

WPC / Click Lock

Lava Grey Oak / 12mm / WPC / Click Lock Now $2.99/sq ft

Lava Grey Oak / 12mm /

WPC / Click Lock

Cottage Oak / 12mm / WPC / Click Lock Now $2.99/sq ft

Cottage Oak / 12mm /

WPC / Click Lock

Desert Oak / 12mm / WPC / Click Lock Now $2.99/sq ft

Desert Oak / 12mm /

WPC / Click Lock

Canyon Oak / 12mm / WPC / Click Lock Now $2.99/sq ft

Canyon Oak / 12mm /

WPC / Click Lock

The Ultimate Features

The Ultimate Collection

Now you can bring the look of wood into your office, bedroom, living room, entrance-ways, basements, laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Never again feel the stress that goes along with spilled milk, wine, pets, kids, wet shoes, or coffee on your floor.

The Ultimate Collection boasts 12mm thickness, which is highly sought after and usually reserved for luxury flooring. Typical flooring in this category is usually half as thick, with 12mm being the thickest you can reasonably find at a good price in most retail outlets.

The thicker flooring translates to better acoustics, insulating properties, impact resistance, deeper embossing, a better feeling underfoot, as well as a better bridging of subfloor imperfections.

The planks also have a 20mil wear-layer, giving them incredible scratch protection.


What is in-register embossing?

The embossing technique that is used creates indentations that perfectly align with the image of wood. This process helps the manufacturer achieve a very realistic, 3D appearance.

What are close-match moldings?

The trims and other accessories that you will need to ensure seamless transitions are matched for consistency.