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How to Paint Baseboards

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint can lend a room new life, and giving the baseboards a new coat takes this fresh feeling to a whole new level. Painting baseboards can be a tricky endeavor, so follow these steps for a clean and efficient paint job.

Baseboard Paint Options

Don’t slap just any type of paint on your baseboards. Choose your paint wisely to get the look you want. For a subtle sheen, choose latex paint in a satin finish, which is shinier than eggshell finish and is reasonably easy to clean. For even more shine, opt for semi-gloss paint, which resists stains and grime and couldn’t be easier to clean.

Tools & Materials

In order to paint your baseboards, you’ll need the tools listed below:

  • Spackling paste: This putty fills holes and cracks in baseboards, making them look as good as new.
  • Putty knife: Use this to press the spackling paste into holes and spread it evenly.
  • Painter’s tape: This protects the walls from brush marks.
  • Painter’s plastic: Use this to protect the floor from drips and spills.
  • Paint: Do the math to make sure you purchase enough without going overboard.
  • Paintbrush: Be sure to purchase a two-inch angled paintbrush. A smaller brush will create more work, while a larger one will make a mess.

How to Paint Baseboards Efficiently

Painting baseboards and trim is slightly more complicated than just applying a coat or two of paint. Follow these steps to get the best results from your paint job.

Step One: Fill Holes and Repair Scratches

It should come as no surprise that baseboards receive significant wear, given their position where the wall meets the floor. Inspect the baseboards for damage like scratches, dents, and small holes. Use the putty knife to repair any blemishes with spackling paste. Allow to dry for about an hour, and then sand away any excess spackling paste from the baseboards. Remove any stains or grime, and wipe or vacuum the baseboards clean.

Step Two: Prepare the Space

Apply painter’s tape along the top edge of the baseboards and trim, all the way around the room. Use your hand to press the tape into place, or use a straight, dull tool to create a crisp line.

Use long strips of painter’s tape to adhere lengths of painter’s plastic along the bottom edge of the baseboards. The tape creates a lower edge, while the plastic protects the floor from inevitable spills and drips.

Step Three: Apply the Paint

Once you’ve repaired the baseboards and prepared the space, it’s time to paint. Like most interior paint jobs, baseboards look best with two fresh coats of paint. Use the angled paintbrush to apply the paint, and use a small tray to hold the paint. Wipe excess paint off the brush and onto the tray to avoid drips. Allow the first coat to dry, and then repeat.

When it’s time to revamp your walls, don’t neglect the baseboards. Follow these tips for a quick and easy paint job that looks great, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install and Refinish Baseboards

A baseboard, which is also known as floor molding, skirting, or skirting board, is a board that’s usually made from wood and covers the lowest part of an interior wall. It covers the joint between the floor and the wall and hides any uneven edges there. Not only is it a decorative feature, it also protects the wall from abrasions, kicks, and nicks.While many homeowners believe that installing or refinishing baseboards is a complicated task, this guide will show you how to install and refurbish baseboards in your home, including complex situations such as on uneven walls, in corners, and on stairs.

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How to Safely Remove Floor Moldings Without Breakage

Whether you’re taking down a wall or sanding wood floors, you’ll need to remove any trim before you begin. This process isn’t as easy as it sounds; casing, molding, or baseboards can easily splinter and break if you’re not careful. Trim tends to be thin and made of softwood, which isn’t made to be taken out and reinstalled. Learn how to safely remove your trim here!

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Baseboards from BuildDirect

Offering visual definition and enhanced impact protection for your walls, BuildDirect’s selection of baseboards will help you put the finishing touch on your home improvement project. Ideal for busy hallways and just about any room in your house, a baseboard installation is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the aesthetics of your interior space.

Whether you’re looking to improve the transition from floor to wall, hide expansion gaps, or prevent damage to your walls from kicks and abrasions, our selection of baseboard profiles will help you tie your space together. For less.

Crafted from durable and innovative materials, our constantly growing selection of baseboards includes:

  • Primed Baseboards:
    • Ready for the stain or paint of your choice
    • Made from lightweight, yet strong medium density fiberboard (MDF)
    • Precisely cut profiles for consistent and continuous lines
  • Flexible Baseboards:
    • Choice of wood grain and smooth surface textures
    • Compatible with water-based stains for easy color matching
    • Easy to bend to match the contours of your space

Why choose our Baseboards?

Combining timeless profiles with premium quality materials and manufacturing, our baseboards make finishing your space simple. To suit your molding renovation needs, we offer:

  • Money saving options that offer detail-oriented visual effects and stylish finishing touches to any flooring project
  • Long-lasting, durable materials that can be easily customized to compliment your interior décor style
  • Choice of traditional to modern profiles that offer a range of flat, concave, geometric, curved, contoured and convex looks
  • Lightweight, easy to handle moldings that can be easily installed by DIYers using finishing nails or glue
  • High quality tooling that allows for precise profiles and joints that match end to end

Want to know more?

Check out our entire offering of baseboards to discover the right profile and width for your interior space. Have any questions? Talk to our friendly Product Experts at 1-877-631-2845. Or, send an email to We’re here to help.