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    Deck Railing Design Ideas and Styles

    Decks come in many materials and styles, but it’s the railings that really give your outdoor space that “wow factor”. Railings are composed of several parts, including balustrades, top and bottom rails, and post caps. As such, you have a lot of room to add flare to your deck. As you search for the perfect railing for your deck or patio, take a look at these design styles and how you can achieve them with your railing selection.


    Modern design and architecture is simple, with clean lines and edges. Additionally, many modern designs feature the use of numerous materials. For this reason, a deck railing that incorporates both wood and aluminum elements fits right into a modern exterior – especially if the balusters lack ornamentation.

    Additionally, wood or aluminum railings with glass panels are modern. They bring together several materials, and glass is a popular pairing option for modern homes.

    No matter what materials you choose for your modern deck, stick with accessories that are simple and sleek. That means straight lines instead of curving ones and picking rails and caps that don’t have much embellishment.


    If your taste is more traditional, you may be looking for deck railings that feature wood or metal and a decorative look. Many classic balustrades have curved parts and designs, and have posts that almost resemble columns. Another option is railings with latticework, which offer a time-honored look that will also increase the privacy of your deck.

    Along with picking out a material that matches your outdoor space, seek deck railings with decorative accessories, and subtle yet stunning details.


    Are you inspired by country cottage designs? Does your home have the feel of a relaxing lake house? In that case, you might want deck railings and posts that are more naturally inspired.

    While naturally stained wood will add a simple yet rustic element to your outdoor space, check out faux stone post covers – they’re easy to install and have a definite warm, countryside feel.

    How to know your design style

    If you’re not sure which style of railings and posts will work best, you may need to do some investigating. Write down a list of features the exterior of your house has, such as the materials used, what kind of lines it has and whether you think it’s traditional or modern.

    Look at different styles of homes online. Then, you can compare the features of your house to these design styles. For instance, if you see a colonial house online and note that your home has the same type of windows, siding and roof, this may very well be the style of your home. If this is the case, more classic railings might work best for you.

    Knowing the style or architecture that defines your home will make choosing a deck railing easier. Fortunately, many deck railing styles work with a variety of homes.

    What kind of style do you prefer for your outdoor space.

    Browse our selection of stylish Deck Railings here. Take your deck to the next level.

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    How to Install Deck Railings

    After you’ve built the deck of your dreams, it’s time add the finishing touches. A building code requirement for most decks, deck railings will add safety, style, and privacy to your outdoor space. They’re also relatively easy for DIYers to install. With the right equipment and instructions, you’ll be able to add this essential safety feature in no time. With a variety of designs that require minimal assembly to install, putting up deck railings yourself can also help you customize the look and feel of your entire yard.

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    Complete Your Deck with Style and Safety: About Deck Railings

    With a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, deck railings add the finishing touch to your deck’s overall appearance. Depending on the type of material you select, you can customize the appearance of your deck or patio. For example, glass panels offer a more modern look, while wooden posts lend a more classic aesthetic. Take a look at some of the ways deck railings can enhance your backyard’s style as well as the types of materials to consider for installation:

    Here are five reasons to buy luxury vinyl flooring!

    Deck Railings from BuildDirect

    With our lines of deck rails, we've taken an element that is considered by most to be an accessory and have brought it to the next level for you. We can help you to transform the look of a deck, a stairway, a pool surround, to the point where your entire property is redefined. Our deck and stair railings are made to last, fashioned out of the best materials. Our deck railing kits serve a practical purpose, and offer you an important safety feature.

    Porch Railings for Performance, Look, and Safety

    But, quality aluminum and wood deck railings also grant you visual value too, with smooth, continuous lines that contribute to a modern look for your projects. They can also offer warm and decorative surfaces that bring a traditional air to decks and stairs. Glass panels can offer you a slick, urban effect. Black balustrades and wood posts can serve to deliver refined appearances that evoke a more traditional appeal in porch railings, if that's what you’re looking for.

    Whatever your choice is, a porch rail is more than just additions to your project. They contribute to positive first impressions for visitors and property buyers.

    We offer you Lang aluminum railings and Ridge wood deck railings, both with practical advantages and visual flair that make their low price a surprise for many. Quality is assured, and pricing is the best anywhere.

    Explore our selection of deck railing systems, and feel free to contact one of our friendly BuildDirect product specialists if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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