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Mosaic Tile Materials and Wall Tile Pattern Ideas

Feeling a bit intimidated by wall tiles and mosaics? Don’t be! Here are some suggestions on wall tile mosaic designs and some selected varieties from which to choose!

If you are looking for something a little different than the norm for your walls, look no further! Wall tiles and mosaics will allow you to create the wall, floor, bathroom, kitchen, or even just accent piece, in any design and color you could dream of. Consider this a short guide to wall mosaic pattern ideas that can bring your space to life.

You will achieve a unique look anywhere you want that is easy to maintain and looks fantastic! Your options are almost limitless so you may be a little confused where to start, and exactly what to do once you have them. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, and it’s a lot simpler than you may think!

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Wall tiles come in SO many more varieties than the typical plain colored tiles you often see in kitchens and bathrooms. Consider one, or a combination, of these mosaic choices in order to make your space really pop.

Glass Mosaics

Glass Mosaics are the most familiar mosaic tiles, among the ones that have been around the longest. Those mosaics you see in those beautiful patterns from ancient times? Yup, those are glass! As you know, this type of mosaic is reliable, durable, and looks fabulous. Use them absolutely anywhere for a decorative look. These tiles are moisture and stain proof, and anti-fungal.

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Stone Mosaics

Marble, granite, slate; these are all stone mosaics that will give any space an earthy feel. Like glass, stone mosaic tile has also been around for thousands of years and stand the test of time! These are a great choice to use in any high-moisture areas, and are also incredibly easy to maintain.

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Glass and Stone Blend Mosaics

When glass meets stone, the blend results in a truly stylish, unique and incredibly durable surface. Best of all you can choose from different textures within these blends so you design something that is truly unique to your home and is sure to get your visitors talking!

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Metal Mosaic

Metal mosaics are perfect for when you need extreme durability in kitchens and bathrooms, but without sacrificing style or cost! But why limit it to kitchens and bathrooms? Put this tile anywhere you want a striking look. The light reflecting effects will help to brighten any area.

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Install it anywhere!

Installation for mosaic tiles is a lot easier than you may think. Tiles are commonly used in bathrooms and backsplashes, but have become popular in every part of the house. Frame your bed, fireplace, windows, create a pattern on an accent wall, or do an entire wall there really is no end to where you can put it.

Consider laying the tiles out diagonally or in another pattern rather than just side by side, up and down. You can create a much richer, striking looking wall this way.

Mesh backing

Of course wall tiles can be put directly on the wall, but a more common way to install the tiles to larger areas is to look for mosaic tile mounted on a mesh backer. The mesh is cut to the dimensions standard dimentions and tile can simply be mounted on the mesh. This allows you to lay out, and re-arrange, the pattern to make sure you are happy with it, before you commit to sticking it on the wall.

Mesh backing is also incredibly useful when applying tiles to any curved or angled walls. You may need to choose a smaller sized tile – but once applied it can be installed cleanly and neatly. See? you really can install it anywhere!

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How to Install New Patterns of Mosaic Tile

The vast variety of mosaic tile colors, materials and patterns provides ample opportunity to create the floor, wall or countertop of your dreams. As for DIY installations, having the right equipment and following directions carefully can help you create a stunning and sturdy surface in no time. Here are a few tips to get you going on creating and installing new patterns of mosaic tile!

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About Mosaic Tile

From an interior design standpoint, it’s hard to argue that there’s a more alluring material for your home than mosaic tile. What’s important to know with mosaics is that there are multiple variations of materials and formats that can provide the right aesthetic you’re looking for. From natural stone to metal, glass and ceramics, mosaics offer many opportunities to create a distinct look that’s destined to last you for many years. Take a look at the variations of mosaic tile and how they can help your home look its best!

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Natural Stone Mosaic from BuildDirect

Natural stone mosaic tile surfaces have adorned interior spaces for thousands of years, and in many cultures. The beauty of marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, and quartzite tile for use in high-moisture areas in particular haven’t lost any of its allure even now in the 21st century. This is not to mention how enduringly practical these natural stone surfaces are.

With decorative, earthy color ranges, the design possibilities of natural stone mosaic tile for walls, mosaic patterned floors, and backsplashes in the modern kitchen and bathroom continues to be top of mind for many professionals and property owners alike. So does the use of natural stone wall tile for exterior spaces as well, transforming a standard vertical space, or outdoor living area into a feature to be cherished for years.

Polished, honed, tumbled natural stone tile for walls and flooring adds character, artistry, and a sense of permanence. It ties your space to traditions that span cultures, eras, and values upon which the modern world is built.

How we offer Natural Stone Mosaic tile for less

We know that it’s quality that you’re looking for in a stone surface, and for the best possible price. The value you’ll find in premium quality natural stone mosaic tile is a part of a long-standing tradition that we at BuildDirect work hard at ensuring. We work closely with manufacturers of the best natural stone mosaic tile, making sure that there are no unnecessary steps in getting it from those who make it, right to your door.

Because there are fewer steps in the process, it means that there are significant savings, too. We pass these on to you. And you get the best results there is from premium natural stone mosaic tile at prices that you will not find at your local retailer.

Why choose Natural Stone Mosaic tile?

  • You’ll get a wonderfully and naturally varied set of color ranges
  • You’ll appreciate the natural patterning, and unique character in a stone mosaic tile surface that have endured for thousands of years
  • You’ll benefit from an incredibly versatile range of surfaces to be applied to interiors, exteriors, kitchens, bathrooms, and beyond
  • You’ll add an artistic element to whatever space you are looking to transform
  • You’ll get a surface that will endure for the long term, in look, but also in performance