Moldings & Trims

Complete the Look, with Moldings & Trims

Your options are:

  • Floor Molding
  • Casing
  • Baseboards
  • Crown Molding
  • Wall Paneling
  • Melamine Sheets
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Moldings & Trims

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As low as
$0.78 ln ft

  • Exact match to select flooring
  • Unstained, flexible options
  • Stair Nose, Quarter Rounds, T-Moldings, and more

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As low as
$0.25 ln ft

  • Frame your doors and windows
  • Choice of wood-look
  • Choice of primed or unstained
  • Flexible options

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As low as
$0.29 ln ft

  • Primed options ready to stain
  • Flexible options in choice of wood grain
  • Visual finishing touch

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As low as
$0.49 ln ft

  • Primed options ready to stain
  • Flexible options in choice of wood grain
  • DIY friendly foam options
  • Visual finishing touch

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As low as
$2.99 sq ft

  • Authentic wood look and feel
  • High quality digital prints
  • Graphic designs & 3D options available
  • Cork wall rolls

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As low as
$64.00 sheet

  • Multi-purpose
  • Residential and commercial uses
  • DIY friendly
  • Stunning and realistic designed
  • Improved dimensional stability

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Moldings & Trims from BuildDirect

Create attention to detail to add value

Adding a molding or trim is one of the easiest and least expensive building techniques that you can use to create an immediate impact and increase the perceived value of your property. Installing crown molding, wainscot paneling, chair rails or mantel trims can heighten your property’s architectural elegance and differentiate your home or business from others. Moldings and trims don’t always equate to a traditional design, either. Some of the most modern buildings are made even more impressive with a little attention to detail. No matter what you envision, BuildDirect has everything you need, all in one place.

Find form and function, all in one

In addition to their structural impression, moldings also serve a range of functional purposes. T-moldings can be a transition between a tiled floor and a wood floor, but can also connect one wood floor to another, similar to End molds. Reducers can be used as a transitional accessory between two rooms where floor covers present unequal thickness, and can be used to conceal the gap between your floor and wall. Similarly, casings serve to disguise the opening between your door and wall. Stairnose moldings and Stairtread moldings can help create effective transitions from floors to stairs, and they also have a way of visually bringing the effects you’ve achieved to the next floor, too. Moldings also can help ease a transition between materials such as paint and wallpaper, or can be used to bring attention to alignments between the same materials. These extra details can help you drastically decrease the finishing costs in your home.

Design and bring your vision to life

There are many fantastic reasons for bringing wood moldings into your home or office design. Whether your intent is to increase the value of your home, to showcase your own unique sense of style, or to simply reduce finishing costs. Moldings offer you the opportunity to design and create the home or office space you have always imagined!