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Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring from BuildDirect

Rubber flooring is associated with gym flooring, and with hospital flooring. And yet now in the 21st century, many are discovering how versatile it can be in all kinds of areas. Rubber is a material known for its resilience, its shock resistance, and with a smooth, slip resistant surface. Commercial spaces that see a lot of foot traffic often feature them.

But, with more and more people creating home gyms, playrooms, garage-based “man-caves”, and many other spaces, rubber flooring is becoming common in residences, too. They’re also used for foyers, for hallways, for mudrooms, and for kid’s rooms too. For homes fitted for universal design, friendly to the disabled and the elderly, rubber is a winner as a floor surface in modern homes designed for the future as well as for right now.

How BuildDirect offers rubber floors for less

BuildDirect knows that you’re looking to create spaces that will serve your practical needs, will look great, and will last a long time. So when it comes to bringing you a range of rubber floors, we work closely with our manufacturing partners to make these our top priorities. We want to offer you the right rubber floor for you, in tiles, or in rolls. Whichever style or format you choose, you can count on high quality.

What we also do is to simplify the way we deliver these products to you. Using our close working relationships with respected manufacturers, there are fewer players in our process compared to traditional supply chains. And with our understanding of advanced logistics, and Internet technology, our level of efficiency means fewer costs. And it means lower prices, with the high quality you expect built right in.

Why Choose Rubber Flooring at BuildDirect?

  • Highly resilient in high-impact areas – home gyms, high-traffic hallways
  • Modern options in homes fitted for universal design – comfortable, access-friendly, low-maintenance
  • Counted on for slip-resistance, and for impact resistance – kid’s playrooms, for the elderly
  • Versatile looks; solid colors, marble-like patterning, speckle patterns and beyond
  • Versatile textures; smooth for sure. But, also textured surfaces to add dimension to spaces

Want to know more?

Have you got questions about rubber flooring from BuildDirect? Talk to our sales department at 1 877 631 2845. Or, send an email to We’re here to help.