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Remodeling Costs Are Going Up – Here’s How to Get the Best Flooring Deals for Your Client

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Homeowners tend to do a lot of research before they sign a contract to have their flooring replaced, and they are going to expect you, the contractor, to supply answers. When doing your homework, make sure you have explanations to the basic questions they will ask:

  • · What kind of budget do we need to plan for? 
  • · Will we need to take time off from work to be here? 
  • · Is there a best time of year to remodel our floors? 
  • · What style of flooring will give us the best return if we sell our home?
  • · Is there something we can do to make the project run more smoothly and help us save money?

These are just a few of the things that will be on the mind of your prospective client. They will be nervous and you’ll want to show them that you are the expert when it comes to flooring installation. Understanding the essentials of a flooring remodel will go a long way toward making you the contractor of choice.

The Increase of Remodeling Costs

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, building material costs have skyrocketed. Part of the reason is that manufacturing and production costs have increased since companies have had to rearrange entire work organization structures due to rapid changes in the workforce. These cost increases have affected every area of the remodeling market — including flooring prices. You’ll want to provide your client with the flooring they want at a price that fits their budget.

5 Ways to Get a Great Deal on Flooring

Follow these 5 steps to secure a great deal on some of the best flooring products on the market:

1. The Best Time of Year to Buy Flooring

Regardless of the type of flooring you are buying, luxury vinyl plank , hardwood , carpet, or ceramic tile, there’s a best time to buy flooring to get a good deal. In fact, it’s usually right around the New Year. Unlike cars, boats, and appliances that change models every year, flooring prices drop around the New Year because that is when demand is at its lowest and warehouses are willing to make deals to move product. Another great opportunity to get the best deals happens around mid-November, with Black Friday creating discounted sales prices.

You can take advantage of this by advertising price reductions on your services as well. If you are buying right, you can stay ahead of the competition. Great prices and great service will win business most of the time.

2. Buy In-Stock Inventory

Some folks hate to buy anything off the shelf. They want everything they own to be “special”. Unfortunately, everything special is more expensive. Buying flooring that is in-stock means you won’t have extended wait times if you have to order more, you can return items if you have over-ordered, and you save money because the warehouse bought in quantity and can pass those savings on to you. With BuildDirect, you have access to an enormous inventory of varying flooring products, so you will always have options to choose from.


3. Know Your Client’s Objective

Your goal is to satisfy the client on their flooring project. Too often, an inexperienced installer will rush in and give a quick low price thinking that is all the customer wants. Price will be a part of the equation of winning the bid, but it is often way down on the list. Take your time and ask a lot of questions:

  • · Why have they decided to redo their flooring at this time?
  • · Is resale value an important element in their decision process?
  • · Are they trying to accomplish a certain look or is comfort more important?
  • · What types of flooring have they considered?


4. Ask for a Discount from an Independent Retailer

It can be tempting to deal with one of the big box stores because they are readily available and you are used to seeing them, but they are not necessarily the best source for top of the line flooring products. They are usually locked into national pricing and discounts are not a part of their marketing program.

On the other hand, Independent dealers can be a great source of information and high quality flooring options. They have the flexibility to deal with an installer on a deal-by-deal basis. That means you can get a discount at many of the independent flooring showrooms that aren’t available at the big box stores.

5. Get Wholesale Warehouse Prices with BuildDirect

BuildDirect is an independent warehouse dealer that can provide wholesale pricing on a wide variety of flooring solutions, from luxury vinyl plank to beautiful Acacia hardwood . Our great deals are not limited to one or two “special buys” but are available in every category of flooring.

Discover a World of Affordable Flooring with BuildDirect

BuildDirect can solve many of the issues discussed so far and help you provide the service your client expects.

  • 1. We are in-stock on hundreds of floor coverings, including hardwoods, luxury vinyl plank and laminate.
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