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Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl Flooring

Save up to 50% on over 800 vinyl flooring products, delivered to your door.
Save up to 50% on over 800 vinyl flooring products, delivered to your door.
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Vinyl Flooring from BuildDirect

When you've got a busy lifestyle, you need a flooring solution that is easy to install quickly, but sturdy enough to last for the long haul. Odds are you’ll also want a stylish look suited exactly to your tastes, but you won’t want to break the bank to get it. Well, good news! Vinyl flooring from BuildDirect is just the thing. Each product in each line you’ll find here is designed to look great, as well as to provide incomparable surface performance and convenience, with a level of versatility that expands the possibilities in homes and offices.

Our vinyl makes creating continuous flooring surfaces is easy. And here at BuildDirect, we work closely with industry innovators, bringing you the latest products that make it even easier. For realistically patterned surfaces, sturdy wear layers, cutting edge locking systems, and even some waterproof products that can only be found at BuildDirect, our lines of WPC, Rigid Core, and Vesdura vinyl floors are designed to help you to stylishly, and affordably, transform your space.

Vinyl flooring from BuildDirect is designed to:

  • Be almost identical to a natural surface, and endure in space where natural surfaces aren’t always practical
  • Be easy and fast to install, with innovative locking systems, and floating floor and glue-down installation options
  • Be abrasion-resistant, fade-resistant, moisture-resistant
  • Be low-maintenance, with just a damp mop to keep it looking like new
  • Be easy to buy with a protection rating that we’ve developed to help you choose the right product to match the kind of traffic your space usually gets; advanced protection, intermediate protection, and basic protection

Vinyl flooring protection rating at BuildDirect

Here’s BuildDirect’s exclusive guide to wear layers applied across our vinyl products.

Advanced protection:

Typically 0.5mm and thicker, starting at 25 year residential warranty & 7 year commercial warranty.

You can use these in any residential setting, and in commercial settings, too. With Advanced protection, your vinyl floor has a strong wear-layer for more protection against denting, scuffs, scratches and staining from everyday household activities.

Intermediate protection:

Typically 0.3mm to 0.5mm thickness, starting at 15 year residential warranty.

Products with this protection rating are ideal for residential installations, and light commercial ones, too. Like the Advanced protection, this rating for protection has a mid-range wear layer compatible with pet traffic, kids, and spills.

Basic protection:

Typically less than 0.3mm, starting at 10 year residential warranty.

This protection rating is best suited for lower-traffic areas in a residence; bedrooms, guest rooms, dining rooms, and anywhere feet aren’t constantly on the move, and where sources of stress aren’t as common. Yet, these are still reliable choices for these areas.

Why buy vinyl flooring from BuildDirect?

BuildDirect is in direct partnership with vinyl floor manufacturing innovators who are invested in making every product they create into surfaces you can be proud of. They’ve moved these unique products from the temporary floors of another era, and brought them into the modern age to appeal to the 21st Century buyer. Each selection of vinyl flooring is designed to perform for the long-term.

And because we are closely linked with industry experts, and with fewer parties in between, there are fewer costs associated with bringing these high-quality products to market. Fewer costs on high-quality vinyl floors mean lower pricing. That’s how we’re able to deliver exemplary value to you, without sacrificing the quality you expect.

We’re here to help!

Explore our great selection of low-maintenance, high-performance vinyl flooring and feel free to ask one of our friendly BuildDirect product specialists if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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