PLUSH Carpet-In-A-Box provides the best of both worlds: their decadent thick texture and on-trend colors add beauty to any room, whilst their modular pieces can be easily removed and reattached for a spin in the washer.

Instead of working with a heavy bulky roll, Ultra-Plush Carpet is installed with compact tile-like pieces that fit side-by-side. This unique modular carpet system does away with complicated and expensive installations, while improving cleanliness and extending the life of your floor.


  • Easy Install

  • Soft Step Comfort

  • Stylish Look

  • Hard-Wearing

  • Spill Proof

  • Machine Washable

PLUSH Carpet-In-A-Box represents the next generation of carpeting in the home improvement market – providing optimum comfort, on-trend styling, lasting durability, and a simple and inexpensive installation.