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About Deck Tiles

Deck Tiles: Where And Why You Should Be Using Them

Deck Tiles are inexpensive, easy to install, and require no major work! You’ll be surprised at how many ways you can use them too! Here’s the lowdown on deck tiles:

What are deck tiles?

If you are not familiar with deck tiles, it’s time you were! Deck tiles are an easy way to switch up not only your deck, but many other surfaces as well. Deck tiles are offered in wood, composite, porcelain, stone, rubber, and plastic varieties, now one of the more popular choices in home renovations.

They are typically mounted on plastic footings to ensure good drainage, and are designed to be installed easily on a flat, clean, and dry surface. They are an inexpensive option that truly gives the look, performance, and durability of the expensive alternatives

Why use deck tiles?

The interlocking deck tiles are incredibly easy and quick to install, even by beginners – no staining or finishing required! As easy as they are to install, they are even easier to maintain, as they need no major maintenance, and cleaning requires no separate products.

Deck tiles come in a variety of finishes, colors and patterns so you can get any look you want, and you should also use them on more than just your deck! Use basic tiles to create a traditional looking wood or stone surface, or mix up the colors and patterns to get a truly unique look that everyone will be talking about. Get tired of them, want to just change a section, or you love them but you’re moving? Pull them up – it’s as easy as installing them.

Where to use deck tiles?

You won’t believe the versatility of deck tiles. The name is deceiving because deck tiles are meant for so much more than decks!

Deck tiles are most commonly used for decks and patios, but that’s not where their uses end! Some other options are wherever else you may currently have a floor that needs to be re-done such as a shed, or a gazebo.

You can even install them where you would like flooring such as children’s playhouses, also to be used as roofing for these structures as well. garden walkways and around pool edges.

Deck tiles inside

Yes – believe it or not, some of the best uses for deck tiles are INSIDE the home!

If you have a sunroom or mudroom attached to your outdoor patio, use deck tiles to keep the indoor/outdoor flow between the spaces – you should use the same, or a similar type or pattern of tiles for the look.

Deck tiles are also fabulous to put in attics and basements to make the floor more stable and easy to maintain.

Kitchen and bathroom floors can be done in deck tiles – especially if you are unsure of the surface you want, or think you may wish to change it soon – remember these are inexpensive and easy to put down, and take up – which make them the ideal choice in these situations.

Where do/will you use deck tiles?

As you have seen deck tiles make an excellent choice for almost anywhere inside – or outside – your home! Have you installed deck tiles, or plan to? Where have you put yours down?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install Deck Tiles

Updating the surfaces of your outdoor space is quick and easy with deck tiles. This type of decking is designed with interlocking edges, which keep the tiles in place with little effort on your part. Not only that, but once installed, deck tiles are durable, beautiful and easy to maintain. As you start planning your new deck space, learn how to install the tiles properly and where you can use them. Here’s a guide on how to lay wood or composite deck tiles. Learn more here!

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About Deck Tiles

Deck tiles are a valuable addition to your property because they extend the living area of your home and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Available in materials like wood, composite, and stone, they can be used to infuse your outdoor space with a unique or uniform look. To ensure your deck is functional for years to come, it’s important to install quality materials that are a right fit for the location. Learn more here!

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Deck Tiles from BuildDirect

When you're looking to transform an existing horizontal exterior surface such as a balcony, roof or even an existing decking surface, a quick, easy and affordable option are our interlocking decking tiles. Our deck tiles are made to be installed quickly by those who perhaps have little or no experience in laying down a deck. Interlocking deck tiles are an obvious choice, made from 100% post-industrial / pre-consumer recycled wood content, representing an interestingly patterned surface that adds visual panache to your outdoor environments. These are deck tiles that attract compliments!

Attractive, Practical, and Easy to Use Too

You can arrange our interlocking deck tiles in various patterns. You can then take them up again should they need to be. And our interlocking decking tiles are designed to be easy to take care of - no finishing, no staining and no involved cleaning process is necessary. For low-maintenance, easily installed deck surfaces, our deck tiles offer you the look, function and performance.

We at BuildDirect offer interlocking deck tiles and deck planks to you that make it easy for you to create the decking surface of your dreams at a price that is much less than you would expect. The hardness and overall durability our interlocking deck tiles is equaled only by how great they look as rooftop spaces, decks and balcony coverings.

Explore our great selection of decking, and feel free to ask one of our friendly BuildDirect product specialists if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.

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