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What is Granite Tile

About Granite Tile

Combining elegance and endurance, granite is a tough natural stone that offers both visual and long-lasting practical benefits for residential and commercial spaces. It’s an igneous rock, which means that it is the result of liquid magma cooling over the course of millions of years, while holding in mineral elements such as quartz, feldspar, and mica, among others. Its natural origins give granite its distinctive appearance along with a range of other beneficial characteristics. Here are some of granite’s best qualities:

Natural beauty

The range of mineral elements that make up granite give it its unique and varied coloring. Sourced from various regions around the world, granite is available in an earthy spectrum of colors and features speckled and densely patterned surfaces. Both decorative and subtle at the same time, this natural stone will take your interior or exterior design project to the next level. A stunning choice for tiles, pavers, and wall cladding, granite is usually polished on one side, rendering the familiar gloss by which it’s popularly recognized


Since granite is made under the earth’s surface from exposure to intense heat and pressure, it’s one of the hardest substances on earth. Along with contributing to its natural beauty, the elements that make up granite also act as stabilizing agents. Because it’s incredibly strong, granite is a great choice for areas with heavy foot traffic and locations where abrasion and high heat are the norm, like in kitchens for instance.

Highly Resistant

The use of granite for countertops, vanities, and accompanying backsplashes in both kitchens and bathrooms has been popular for quite some time – with good reason. Along with its stunning appearance, it offers superior resistance to metal abrasion, impact, and as mentioned above, heat. If it’s properly installed and sealed, granite also offers moisture resistance, serving very well in bathrooms as vanity tops.

Quick Granite Buying Tips

Once you’ve made your decision to go with granite, it’s important to consider your installation location. Take a look at all of the factors which are likely to have an impact on your surface and consider them before you make your purchase. These include:

  • moisture levels
  • the suitability of your proposed substrate
  • slip-resistance requirements (granite stone can be slippery when wet)

Along with picking out your preferred color of granite, you will need to choose a size and format. Available in slabs, tiles, and pavers, granite is also available in precut modular countertops. As far as tiles go, popular sizes include 12”x12” and 18”x18”.

No matter what format you choose, it’s always advisable to order a bit extra to account for damage like chipped edges. Ordering 10% extra is standard for granite.

About Installation

Another thing to consider when planning your granite project is whether you are going to hire a professional installer or not. While it might cost you more initially, hiring an experienced professional can make sure that the material is installed correctly and will therefore be a lasting investment for your property.


Granite is rightly sought-after as a tried-and-tested natural stone building material. Offering lasting strength and style, it will also add significant resale value to your home. Delivering a high-end look and long-term durability, granite is definitely worth considering for your next renovation project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install Granite Tile

If you want your home to look a little more luxurious, consider upgrading your floors with granite tile. It has an elegant appearance that makes any home look refined, yet it’s still incredible durable and resistant to stains and scratches. Whether you are installing it yourself or calling in a professional contractor, it is important to follow these steps before you begin the installation process. Although this part of your renovation can be challenging, the work you put into installing your flooring will be worth it in the end. Consider the following factors when deciding whether to hire professionals to install your granite tile or turning it into your next DIY project! Learn more here.

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Granite Tile Glossary

Although many homeowners tend to associate granite with countertops, granite tiles offer many benefits for floors and walls as well. This durable and distinctive looking natural stone adds color and depth to any surface and can increase a home’s resale value. Check out these glossary terms to learn more about this decorative natural stone. Learn more here!

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Granite Tile from BuildDirect

When you choose BuildDirect, you gain products with superior strength and unmatched durability.

Our granite floor tile offering ranges from richly ornamental colors stones to beautiful dark tones. The tiles are expertly cut and calibrated for professional installation and deliver a level of hardness that you can depend on long after your project is completed. For a strong and decorative flooring or wall cladding material, our products can be trusted to deliver the high-end look and long-term endurance ideal for your residential or commercial projects.

The Benefits of Granite Floor Tiles

We offer a range of selection which will meet your expectations for:

  • Appearance – Natural patterns and earthy tones give unique decorative value
  • Versatility – great for foyers, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways in residential and commercial spaces
  • Durability - Impact, heat resistance and abrasion resistance you can trust for decades
  • Strength - Structural benefit, thanks to extreme stability and rigidity

We offer a wide variety of choices in terms of color and, finish and size.

Why Buy Granite Flooring Tiles From BuildDirect?

Our discount granite tiles are cut, calibrated and finished with an extreme attention to detail. We offer a variety of grades and price points to meet your project needs. When you buy granite, you are buying a stone to last a lifetime. We aim to give you the best options on the market at the very best price, and we’ll never sell you cheap granite tile.

Explore our selection of tiles and feel free to ask one of our friendly BuildDirect product specialists if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-877-631-2845.