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What Are the Best Shower Flooring Options?

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Of all places in your house, shower flooring requires the most consideration and attention to details. The process of selecting the right flooring material in the bathroom is a lot different than in any other living space of your house, and this is even more true for the shower. This is where practical issues and functionality rise above aesthetics and price. The right shower flooring can pull your bathroom together and help you create a style and environment you will enjoy for years. Or, if you choose the wrong material, it can turn into a big mess and a waste of money.

The main point to remember when selecting your ideal shower floor is its inevitable exposure to massive amounts of water throughout the day. To last, shower flooring needs to be water-resistant. Make sure it is slip-resistant too, so you’re not sliding and gliding in your shower like on an ice rink. Another thing to consider is the amount of maintenance needed. Some shower floors might look great in the beginning but could easily get damaged and stained from your soaps and the organic compounds in water. Let’s look at home décor trends for shower floors to help you find your match.


With its natural chic and soft swirls of cream and gray, a marble tile bathroom floor can turn any bathroom into a luxurious retreat. This timeless, natural stone is a favorite choice for bathrooms and other living spaces for anyone who can afford it. Marble is very versatile and comes in a variety of styles and shapes, ranging from herringbone and subway tile to standard four-by-fours and basket weave.

However, as nice as it looks, marble is not always ideal for a shower floor. The thin density of marble makes it a delicate porous stone that is prone to damage and requires special care. It is easily scratched and stained. Continuously exposed to soap, water, and oils in a shower, marble flooring can develop a film residue on its surface. To protect the stone and maintain its appearance, you’ve got to commit to spending time and money on a regular basis. You might need to seal it several times a year and can only clean it with products that are deemed safe for it.

Honed marble will have a matte finish and will be more resistant to scratches compared to polished marble. Another issue with marble is that it could be quite cold and slippery for your bare feet. If you absolutely love the stone and are willing to take care of it, consider textured varieties that are more slip-resistant, and keep it warm with radiant heating. A well-maintained marble flooring will increase the resale value of your house significantly.

Mosaic Tiles

With mosaic tiles, you could turn your shower floor into a piece of art. These tiny pieces of glass, tiles, or natural stones are visually appealing and can produce any design or image that you have in mind. They are quite durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to chemical substances. They last a long time and are easy to install.

The main drawback of mosaic tiles is that they can be very slippery when wet. That’s why a slip-resistant sealant is a must to avoid accidents and injuries.


This natural stone is a favorite choice for many homeowners due to its color range, style options, and practicality. Designer tiles made of travertine could have a honed, polished, chiseled, or tumbled finish. Travertine’s veins and swirls of color range from creams and grays to browns and golds. It is naturally slip-resistant and lasts a long time.

However, as a naturally porous stone, travertine has issues similar to marble, including proneness to damage and staining. It needs sealing every year or two. You also have to be careful with what you use to clean it and what soaps and shampoos you use in the shower.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain tile might be two of the best options for your bathroom floor. Made with dense clay, porcelain has a very low water absorption rate and is quite durable. On top of this, it is stylish and affordable. It can have a rich textured appearance and help you achieve any design you like, whether you are going for the look of wood, stone, or marble. Porcelain tiles come in many shapes and sizes, so you can be as creative as you like with it. It is easy to clean and resistant to various substances and scratches.

Your main concerns with porcelain are the amount of grout to clean as well as its coldness. Although you can keep it warm with radiant heating or heated tile underneath, cleaning is a long-term commitment.

Wood Look Tiles

Although wood is less than ideal for your shower floor due to moisture sensitivity, there are wood-like flooring options with great moisture tolerance. Because of their incredibly realistic appearance and moisture-proof properties, wood-look porcelain tiles are allowing homeowners and designers alike to achieve the look of authentic hardwood in just about any space they want.

To appear even more like real wood flooring, these tiles are available in traditional hardwood flooring dimensions, which include long planks in both wide and narrow widths. For more wood realism, it’s best to install the tiles with tight grout lines using a non-contrasting color.


Like wood, pebbles have an organic look to them and will help you create a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom. They are naturally slip-resistant and are very versatile. Pebbles feel soothing under your feet and can make your bathing experience refreshing and invigorating.

However, to maintain the pebbles’ natural beauty, you have to clean a lot of grout. Pebbles can develop a filmy substance on the surface due to hard water and might even need daily maintenance.

When your next home improvement project takes you to the bathroom, remember to pay special attention to shower flooring to avoid unnecessary disasters. Spend some time going over various options and seriously consider possible issues with each of them. Once you’ve selected the right material for the job, then you can let your creativity run wild.

Walking on pebbles is a unique experience that could really add to your house.